Who is Cole Sprouse Dating? Check Out Some Interesting Facts About Ari Fournier

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Who is Cole Sprouse Dating? Check Out Some Interesting Facts About Ari Fournier


Cole Sprouse likes to maintain the privacy of his love life.

The Riverdale actor grew up in the public eye and previously dated co-star Lili Reinhart, a romance that attracted incessant media coverage.

After he and Reinhart ended their relationship permanently in March 2020, he felt “compelled” to confront the separation in public that August owing to the “public currency” their relationship had.

Sprouse is now dating model Ari Fournier and maintaining a low profile. In March of 2021, the pair was sighted for the first time by paparazzi in Vancouver, Canada.

They were observed walking around the city holding hands. Since then, they’ve made Instagram official and occasionally shared romantic moments with their admirers.

Fournier wished Sprouse a happy 30th birthday on Instagram in August 2022, uploading numerous adorable photographs of the pair kissing, cuddling, and hanging out together.

“Difficult to convey in a few photographs how much fun we have together and how much I enjoy enjoying life every day with you,” Fournier captioned the carousel. “I am absolutely the luckiest woman on earth ” Happy birthday, my darling, and here’s to 30 more years!

In January of 2023, Sprouse and Fournier celebrated two years of marriage.

“2 years ??! Please explain to me how time went by so quickly “On Instagram, the model posted a series of photobooth photographs of the pair.

On an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast from March 2023, Sprouse highlighted his friendship with Fournier.

The actor stated, “My present relationship has shown me what genuine connection and trust look like in a manner I’ve never experienced before.” “Two years and some change have passed, yet it feels like a week…

That has been fantastic. This amount of compatibility has caused me to reflect on my childhood and say, “Oh, you truly didn’t know,” which is ridiculous.

Sprouse also disclosed to presenter Alex Cooper that his connection motivated him to get clean, “which has been really beneficial to me.”

From her modeling career to her rural upbringing, this article describes Ari Fournier and her relationship with Cole Sprouse in detail.

Facts About Cole Sprouse’s Girlfriend, Ari Fournier

1- She is a Model

2- She is French-Candian

3- She grew up on the farm

4- She is an animal lover

5- She has a youtube channel

6- She loves to travel

7- She is very supportive

She is a Professional Model


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Ari Fournier is an established model that is represented by Premier Model Management. She has worked on advertisements for several companies, including Aldo, La Perla, ASOS, Nasty Gal, and more since she was discovered when she was 15 years old.

While her Instagram shows that her life as a model is filled with travel and tonnes of fantastic apparel, she told Folio Montreal that there is much more going on behind the scenes than most people realize. She remarked, “People don’t know it’s not as glamorous as it appears; it requires a lot of hard work and patience.”

She is French-Canadian


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Fournier was raised in Montreal, Canada, and is fluent in French. She displayed her Canadian passion in 2019 with an Instagram snap of her attending a hockey game at Madison Square Garden in New York.

She stated in the caption that she felt “totally at home” while watching the national sport of her country.

She Grew Up on a Farm and She is Also an Animal Lover-

The model presently splits her time between Los Angeles and New York, but she spent her youth on a farm in Canada.


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“I literally grew up riding horses in the rural countryside. It was straightforward. Horses, dogs, and cats, it was the simplest of upbringings “In one of her YouTube videos, she stated. “Because I live such an intensive life, I am truly extremely glad for that. I am really fortunate to have received a solid upbringing.”


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Her background certainly influenced her affinity for animals, particularly horses. The model frequently uploads Instagram images of herself horseback riding.

Fournier stated in February 2022 that she had acquired a new travel companion, her Pomeranian dog Bear. “Meet my little Bear,” she captioned a slideshow of images of the dog. Bear appears to have adopted the model’s hectic lifestyle, following her on business trips and photo sessions.

She Also Runs a Youtube Channel-

Name- @arifournier528

Followers- 3.58k

She Loves to Travel the World-

Work has afforded Fournier the opportunity to travel regularly, and she admits that this is one of the things she appreciates the most. As Fournier described in one of her YouTube videos, traveling has taught her a great deal about persevering despite obstacles.

“China was the destination of my first modeling trip, which was quite intense. That was quite difficult… I was wondering, “Is this career right for me?”

I’m not sure if I like it,’ “She stated, “And I was so fortunate to have an incredible support system surrounding me. Several individuals believed in me and encouraged me to continue. Later I traveled to Barcelona and Milan, and I began to appreciate it.”

She is a supportive woman-

Throughout all of Sprouse’s professional undertakings, Fournier is a supporting partner. Sprouse starred in the March 2022 HBO romantic comedy Moonshot, and Fournier was present for the premiere.

In addition, she uploaded a photo of herself and Sprouse smiling on the red carpet on Instagram. The pair was accompanied by Sprouse’s twin brother Dylan and his long-term girlfriend, model Barbara Palvin.

“Amazing night at the Moonshot premiere with the family, very proud of my love @colesprouse, @lanacondor, and the entire cast and team glam squad,” she captioned the image.

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