Cheryl Burke before and after

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Did Cheryl Burke Get Plastic Surgery? Truth Behind the ‘DWTS’ Pro Dancer’s Transformation!

Mai K. Sosa

Cheryl Burke, renowned for her exceptional dance skills and vibrant personality, has been a familiar face on the dance floor for years.

Cheryl Burke has been a fan favorite on Dancing With the Stars since 2006, and she even won the prestigious Mirrorball Trophy during her debut season. Naturally, the professional dancer’s appearance has changed 15 years after she initially entered the ballroom.

However, in recent times, the spotlight has shifted from her dance moves to speculations surrounding Cheryl Burke’s alleged plastic surgery. Fans and critics alike have been buzzing about the possible transformations the professional dancer may have undergone.

In this article, we delve into the rumors, the facts, and the larger conversation surrounding celebrity plastic surgery.

Did Cheryl Burke Get Plastic Surgery?

Fans of the ABC show continue to suspect that Cheryl, 37, may have undergone plastic surgery over the years. The ballroom dancer first got backlash after sharing images of herself on vacation in 2014.

After losing 25 pounds through training and a healthy diet, followers quickly commented that the dancer was too thin. They also said she had “fake lips and plastic surgery,” according to Cheryl, who spoke to ABC News at the time.

Cheryl Burke before and after

She has subsequently deleted the post, but other images from the same period on her Facebook page still have several similar remarks.

When contrasted to prior photos taken when the now-37-year-old was 22, the pro-dancer looks significantly different; her cheekbones are more defined, her brows are more arched, and her nose and chin are smaller. She has, however, categorically denied having undergone surgery.

“I’ve never had plastic surgery, and I’ve never had an eating disorder.” “I’m just happy,” she told TMZ in 2014.

Cheryl’s appearance differs from when she was first featured on the dancing competition show for a variety of reasons. Losing weight and aging will naturally slim out your face, and cheeks are one of the first areas to change as a person ages, defining their bone structure.

Furthermore, cosmetics have evolved significantly since 2006, with both celebrities and ordinary people learning to style their brows differently and contour, creating the appearance of a thinner nose or chin.

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Cheryl has also been sober for three years since the death of her father, who struggled with alcoholism. When a person eliminates alcohol from their diet, their face and physique may undergo considerable changes. Swelling in their face will subside, and their skin will be more even-toned and hydrated, giving them a more youthful appearance.

Cheryl’s new look appears to be the result of a healthier lifestyle as well as a different hair and makeup style.

Decoding Cheryl Burke’s Facial Changes

Cheryl Burke’s presence on Dancing with the Stars Season 29 in September 2020 fueled suspicions and conjecture about cosmetic operations. Compared to her early 20s, Cheryl Burke’s face has changed, with more pronounced cheekbones, arched brows, and a thinner nose and chin. Despite these observations, Cheryl Burke has always denied having had any plastic surgery.

Cheryl Burke before and after

Her years of abstinence following her father’s fight with alcoholism may have contributed to her young appearance. Eliminating alcohol from one’s diet might reduce face edema and enhance skin tone and hydration, potentially giving one a more youthful appearance.

Cheryl Burke may have had neurotoxic applications to her forehead and eyes, according to Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Leebow, who has not treated her. However, she suspected that it had been applied extensively, resulting in a “heaviness” above the brow.

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Cheryl may have used other injectable medications to preserve the fullness of her already high cheekbones, according to Leebow. She did, however, warn against the overuse of Botox, emphasizing the idea that “less is often more” in such treatments.


Cheryl Burke remains an influential figure in the world of dance and entertainment. While plastic surgery speculations may capture headlines, it’s essential to remember that everyone has the right to make choices about their bodies. As we appreciate Burke’s talent and contribution to the dance community, let’s focus on celebrating her achievements rather than speculating about her personal choices. After all, the true essence of Cheryl Burke lies in her passion for dance and her ability to inspire others through her artistry.

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