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Billy Gardell’s Weight Loss: Is He Sick?


Billy Gardell believed his career had reached its peak after Mike & Molly concluded in 2016. Gardell booked guest and recurring jobs, and it appeared for a while that production companies no longer considered him a leading man. Yet, he disproved everyone’s assumptions by earning the main part in Bob Loves Abishola.

“I believed my ticket had been punched after Mike & Molly. I had no idea that I was in for a ride with yet another fantastic cast and production with a nice message.

“I’m always drawn to stories where love triumphs over all obstacles, regardless of the circumstances,” Gardell told Entertainment Tonight.

Billy Gardell Overcomes Diabetes Through Diet and Weight Loss

Gardell’s weight loss is cause for concern about his health. Billy Gardell is in better health than ever after shedding weight and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Gardell told USA Today in 2011 that he wants to shed weight to enhance his health: “Being healthy is the most important thing. If you complete your assignment and succeed, I believe you will feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.

I would like to achieve weight control. Would I prefer to weigh 180 pounds? Not at all Would I like to shed 50 lbs.? Absolutely.”

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As physicians diagnosed Gardell with type 2 diabetes, he accelerated his weight loss. “I dropped almost 30 pounds,” he reported to Entertainment Tonight.

Specialists identified Gardell as a member of the population at risk for deadly COVID-19 infection, which inspired him to lose weight. “I had a complete bingo card,” he claimed.

In July 2021, Gardell got bariatric surgery for weight loss and embraced a healthy lifestyle to prevent regaining weight. “The true struggle is in the head,” he told Entertainment Tonight, “because individuals become this large once more.” He stated that the modifications eradicated diabetes:

“You have a tiny window of opportunity to modify the way you live, eat, and exercise, and I’ve been able to do so. I take it one day at a time, and I am really glad that this has occurred to me. No more diabetes and lousy blood counts!”

Gardell told Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier that his upbringing family promoted eating. Thus, Gardell had to alter his perspective on food in order to avoid overeating. The actor characterized it as a daily battle:

“If you don’t have a problem with food, thank whatever god you pray to and be thankful since food addiction is as severe as any other addiction. Somehow, I find my way. I do my thing in the morning and do my best to keep between the lines, and I’m thankful I can.”

Gardell likes his adoption of a healthy lifestyle. He stated, “My body feels better, my joints feel better, and I’m hoping to bother my wife for another 20 years.”

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