Are Lydia and Milton Still Together

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Are Lydia and Milton Still Together From Love is Blind Season 5?

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“Love is Blind,” Netflix’s reality dating series, attracted audiences with its novel premise of finding love without seeing one’s spouse. The show followed numerous couples as they tried to figure out whether love could genuinely transcend physical appearances. Lydia and Milton, who rapidly became fan favorites, were among the notable competitors.

However, as the show progressed, viewers witnessed the challenges their relationship faced. In this article, we’ll explore the latest updates on Lydia and Milton’s relationship, and whether they are still together.

Are Lydia and Milton Still Together?

Yes, it appears that the answer is yes. Lydia Arlene Velez Gonzalez and James Milton Johnson IV met and got engaged in The Pods during Season 5 of Love Is Blind. Lydia and Milton were one of three couples who got engaged on Season 5 of Love Is Blind, the other two being JP and Taylor and Izzy and Stacy.

Are Lydia and Milton Still Together

According to official records from the Harris County Clerk’s Office in Texas, where Love Is Blind Season 5 was filmed, Lydia and Milton were the only couple on the show to marry. Lydia and Milton were issued their marriage license on May 13, 2022, married on May 31, 2022, and their marriage license was processed and returned on June 27, 2022, according to the documents.

Their wedding was also officiated by Chaplain Anthony Cop, according to the records. Lydia and Milton were not following one other on Instagram at the time of Love Is Blind Season 5’s premiere, so it’s likely that something happened to them after they married.

Who is Lydia from Season 5 of Love Is Blind?

Lydia Arlene Velez Gonzalez, 32, is a geologist from the Houston area. @lavg is her Instagram handle. “I am finally able to announce that I will be a part of Season 5!!” !! @loveisblindnetflix Come watch September 22 with me!

Only available on @netflix!! “#loveisblindseason5 #love #boricua #puertorico #PRindahouse,” she captioned an Instagram post confirming her appearance on Love Is Blind Season 5 in September 2023.

Lydia’s official Love Is Blind Season 5 biography can be found on Netflix’s website: “As a geologist, Lydia’s only unfamiliarity is with the rock she wants on her finger.”

Lydia is now “emotionally mature enough to be married” and hopes to find a tall, dark, and gorgeous guy with a large personality who feels the same way. But be warned: She has no patience for males who can’t communicate, as ‘transparency and emotional maturity’ are the keys to her heart.

Lydia aims to come one step closer to her happily ever after by committing to an everlasting love that is “not based on looks but on a commitment to overcoming any obstacle together.”

Who is Milton?

Milton, a petroleum engineer from Houston, Texas, is 25 years old. @jamesmiltonj4 is his Instagram handle. “‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5 #Netflix #LIB #loveisblind,” he captioned an Instagram post in September 2023 confirming his participation in Season 5 of Love Is Blind.

Lydia and Milton’s Love is Blind Journey

Although there was an instant attraction between Lydia and Milton the moment they entered the pods due to their similar interest in geology, the former was holding back due to their age. With her being 30 and his being 24, she was naturally concerned about how things would turn out between them, which is why she didn’t take him seriously at first, despite his assurances that he was more than ready for marriage.

However, it wasn’t until her relationship with Ismael “Izzy” Zapata ended that he began to see him in a new way since he finally agreed to be vulnerable.

The truth is that Milton didn’t have the best childhood and was virtually forced to grow up early, so he masked emotionality with jokes in every meaning of the word. Nonetheless, because he was fully aware of this element, he gave it his all when he finally felt compelled to share parts of himself with others in order to be happy; he focused on work a lot, but he didn’t mind family time either.

Are Lydia and Milton Still Together

The fact that he admitted he needed to strengthen his familial relationships was also a plus for Lydia because it demonstrated that he didn’t mind being a work in progress or falling for someone who was older but was still discovering herself.

Lydia and Milton’s relationship did falter a little when the former admitted she’d dated Uche Okoroha in the outside world and had briefly considered whether their meeting here again was pure fate, but they were able to work things out.

As a result of their shared sense of humor, compatible level of understanding, and ultimate desire to love and be loved unconditionally, he quickly chose to get down on one knee for his partner. Despite feeling a little awkward, Milton got down on one knee and proposed to the lady he felt to be the one for her in every way.

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Following the proposal, it was as if everything fell into place for Lydia and Milton, with their witty, passionate reveal setting the tone for the rest of their time together – their differences made sense to them.

Her history with Uche, her handling of problems, and their age difference all had a role in how things turned out, yet everything between them remained solid at all times. That’s because Milton was there to calm her down and be her voice of reason, allowing them both to move forward without caring about anything but each other.

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