Are Jason Bateman and Justine Bateman Related?

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Are Jason Bateman and Justine Bateman Related?


Two prominent actors, Jason and Justin Bateman, appear to be among the rare celebrities who are related by blood, yet few fans are aware of their familial connection.

The star of Desperate Housewives sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes Australia, where she discussed aging like a great wine, being unconcerned by people’s opinions of her “aged” look, and expressing her perspective on the plastic surgery that most celebrities are preoccupied with.

Both Jason and Justine have established themselves as highly successful artists by appearing in a variety of well-known television programs and films. Let’s examine their relationship.

Are Jason and Justine Bateman Related?

Yes, the two actors are related; Justine Bateman’s younger brother is Jason Bateman. How surprised are you? However, you are not alone!

Before gaining his own recognition as an actor, the Ozark actor appeared with his sister on red carpets and at other major events.

Their parents, Victoria Elizabeth and Kent Bateman, gave birth to them. The actress, who is 57 years old, was born in 1966, while her brother, Jason, was born in 1969.

Jason had shared in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that he and his sister had an “atypical upbringing doing so much acting.”

“There wasn’t the fighting that ‘dysfunctional family’ might infer. There were a lot of the normalcies, aside from the different schedules,” he said.

What did She say About Her ‘old’ Face?

Justine does not care what others think of her physical appearance. She believes in embracing her natural beauty, which is representative of one’s true identity.

She realised she appeared “old” for the first time at age 42, when she typed her name into Google to research something and the autocomplete function suggested “looks old.”

She even viewed the photographs that were allegedly “evidence” that she had aged, but the actress could not see it.

Justine feels sorry for appearance-obsessed individuals because she believes they are not living their lives to the fullest.

She also thinks plastic surgery “would erase” the authority she has gained over the years, USA Today reports.

“I think I look rad. I think my face represents who I am. I like it, and so that’s basically the end of the road.”

Actress Natural Look in 2023

Justine is confident in her skin and unconcerned about the natural aging process.

She has also posted a clip from the same interview on Instagram with the caption, “Don’t let all the opportunities that are coming your way distract you. Read @facebookbook for more information.”

Justine is the author of Face: One Square Foot of Skin, a book that examines the aggressive ways in which society treats women as they age.

The actress has directed and produced several films, including Violet, starring Olivia Munn and Justin Theroux, which will be released in 2021.

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