Are Jack and Justine Still Together?

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Are Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba Still Together From Love Island Games?

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Fans of the “Love Island” series can see many of their favorite characters try love again in Peacock’s “Love Island Games.” Because of this, it’s not a surprise that people are very interested in what some of the pairs from the show are doing now.

Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba are without a doubt one of the most loved couples on the show. We couldn’t help but sigh when they first started their journey together. Their continued chemistry has since helped them not only keep people’s attention but also win in the end.

People have been wondering if this couple is still together, which shouldn’t be a surprise.

Are Jack and Justine Still Together?

Winners of the Love Island Games The show is over, but Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler are still together. They each got $100,000, and Jack was named the Most Valuable Male Islander and sent home with the money. It’s Justine’s second win; she also won Love Island US season 2.

Are Jack and Justine Still Together?

In an Instagram post about their win, Justine said that they’re still going strong. “And I’d pick you again.” Hello, @_jackfowler When things weren’t going well, you were always there to remind me of my prayer fighters at home. I am thankful for this trip and my partner, without whom I could not have made it! Hey, Jackstine, we’re up!!

It’s been hard to get used to, though, because they live apart in the US and the UK. “Right now, our relationship status is ‘doing our best.'” “Right now, we’re just doing our best because I feel like we live so far away from each other,” Justine told The Hollywood Reporter.

Jack agreed and said, “It’s tough because I have to work in London.” That’s where my family and everything else are. And Justine is here. There’s a lot of water between us.

We talk every day when we’re not together, like on FaceTime, since the show airs at 2 a.m. my time in the U.K. and at 6 or 9 a.m. here. But I can talk to Justine about it, and I know that some parts of the show were hard for both of us.

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I think we’ve mostly just done our best to be there for each other. We’re trying our damn hardest, though. I think that most people try too hard when they win Love Island.

“They try to make us say, ‘Yeah, we’re together, we have two kids, we’re married, and all that,’ but we’re just enjoying each other’s company day by day.”

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