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Are Anthony and Mykie Still Together in 2023? Everything About Dating Life of YouTube Couple!

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In the ever-changing world of celebrity relationships, viewers frequently become immersed in the love lives of their favorite celebrities. Anthony Padilla and Mykie are one such couple who have won many hearts with their attractive personalities and love stories.

Dominick Anthony Padilla is well-known for his exceptional abilities as a YouTuber, interviewer, and actor. Some fans recognize the online sensation as one of the brains behind the iconic YouTube channel Smosh. He collaborated with the equally talented Ian Hecox to produce the internet sensation. They were unstoppable from 2005 to 2017, churning out sketch comedy videos that had us in stitches.

YouTube has allowed creators Daniel Anthony Padilla and Lauren “Mykie” Mychal Mountain to grow together, solidifying their path to success and integrating their career trajectories.

With a passionate fanbase and a history of sharing their lives online, fans have been eagerly following their journey. In this article, we’ll explore whether Anthony Padilla and Mykie are still together in 2023.

Who is Anthony Padilla?

Daniel Anthony Padilla is a native of Sacramento, California. He began his YouTube career in 2005 with his friend Ian Hecox. In sixth school, the two became closest friends and decided to start a YouTube channel called Smosh, where they would submit sketch comedy videos.

Are Anthony and Mykie Still Together

With around 25.7 million followers, the channel has grown in popularity in the YouTube community. Aside from YouTube, he has had a lot of success as an interviewer, actor, and voice actor. In 2017, he departed Smosh and began his own YouTube career as an interviewer.

He is well-known for his popular interview series “I Spent a Day With…,” in which he meets internet personalities, ex-cult members, survivors from various backgrounds, and others. Several sites mention him as a writer, director, producer, and stand-up comedian.

Who Is Mykie?

Mychal Mountain, often known as Mykie on the internet, is a makeup artist and the host of the Glam&Gore YouTube channel. She primarily posts videos regarding prosthetic makeup tutorials, other challenges, and the occasional ghost search. She grew up in Philadelphia before moving to Los Angeles to attend film school.

Are Anthony and Mykie Still Together

She honed her remarkable prosthetic makeup talents while working in the cast of a haunted house event. She began her YouTube career in 2014, and her channel and skills drew the attention of many, resulting in a constant number of subscribers within the first year. Glam&Gore now has about 4 million users.

Are Anthony and Mykie Still Together?

Yes, Anthony and Mykie are still in a relationship. Despite the turmoil that surrounded Mykie, the pair managed to persevere and emerge stronger. Mykie took to Instagram to explain her conduct after recalibrating her health and working on her health difficulties.

Mykie used her internet platform to publicly apologize for her behavior in a since-deleted Instagram story, in which she admits that she has been tone-deaf to the challenges of minorities.

Are Anthony and Mykie Still Together

Even in the midst of such difficulties, Anthony and Mykie managed to stick together. The couple is still emotionally supportive of one another and lives together in the house they bought in 2020.

The YouTube creators’ neighbors include Mykie’s dogs, Ripley and Creature. On the professional front, the duo’s YouTube channels continue to grow in popularity. Mykie’s material on YouTube has been reduced since her sabbatical, and she now updates once a month.

Similarly, Anthony has expanded his career by branching out into other industries and using new methods. Anthony founded Pressaslike Productions in 2020, a company dedicated to developing and producing unscripted programming.

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The ‘I Spent a Day With..’ series is currently being produced by the company. Along with Ian Hecox, the star has repurchased his Smosh channel. The duo is currently working on a series of comedy routines.

As a result, Mykie and Anthony are consistently succeeding in their endeavors. Naturally, we hope that YouTube stars continue to gain success and set new personal and professional milestones.

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