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Are Amber and Jim Still Together From RHONJ? An Update on Their Relationship!

Mai K. Sosa

Amber and Jim Marchese, known to many as a couple from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” (RHONJ), were no strangers to drama during their time on the reality television show.

Their difficult experiences on the show, along with their outspoken personalities, piqued viewers’ interest in the health of their relationship after the cameras stopped filming.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Amber and Jim Marchese’s journey and find out if they are still together.

Who Are Amber and Jim?

Amber from RHONJ season 6 is well known to many people, but for those who are unaware, we would like to inform them that Amber and Jim were shown to be a nice couple when they made their debut with the reality tv program RHONJ as a married couple, but things are not the same today.

Amber’s life since leaving RHONJ has been a tad more eventful than her one season on the show. Amber and her husband, Jim, were on season 6 of Wedding Boot Camp following Amber announced her departure from the show in November 2015, claiming her on-screen clashes with cast members Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano were staged.

Are Amber and Jim Still Together

Despite Jim’s drinking causing disagreements with Amber, who subsequently admitted to having an affair, the couple was still together and parenting their two tiny children, Isabella and Corbin, until November 2018. However, in May 2016, the couple encountered yet another stumbling block when Jim was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse following an apparent dispute on a flight.

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After publicly denying any abuse, Amber and Jim sued Virgin America and the flight attendant who they say witnessed the abuse on the plane. The Blast reported in August 2018 that Amber had withdrawn her complaint.

Are Amber and Jim Still Together?

The RHONJ couple has split up. When things were going well for them, they decided to call it quits and go their own ways. When their son, Michael, came out as gay, things heated up even more.

Every relationship has problems; if it doesn’t, it isn’t one. The same is true for them. Amber and Jim’s disagreement became public after their son, Michael, revealed his sexual orientation. One of the grounds for their divorce is a financial issue. After their son came out as gay, he reported that his father was not financially supporting him through college.

“I came out as gay, and that’s how it all started; I was told that if I did anything he didn’t approve of, I’d be expelled from school, I’d never see my friends again, and he was likely to harm my friends if he didn’t tell people what he wanted.” Michael, Amber, and Jim’s son all spoke out. He went on to say that his costs were lowered because he was gay.

Are Amber and Jim Still Together

When speaking with Michael, he stated that he was economically and personally isolated and could not meet with his family or relatives on Jim’s side. “And then, when I started living with my mother, he wouldn’t let me speak to my younger sisters on his side of him and Amber,” the boy explained.

In answer, Jim cited his upcoming court case as the reason he couldn’t financially support his kid. Amber’s sickness is the second factor that could have contributed to their fallout. She battled breast cancer not once, but twice throughout her life. Jim blamed Amber’s cancer on her lifestyle.

“Do you know what? You know how you blame my lifestyle for my cancer? You are not an outlier. “You drink more, and I keep telling you that,” Amber remarked on the show when asked about the cause that is causing problems in their marriage.

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Jim answered that he was not an alcoholic and that he went to law school. Unfortunately, his wife, Amber, does not understand. Jim threw in the towel and declared that he was done fighting. Amber later admitted that she was dissatisfied with what he performed early in the performance and didn’t appreciate it.

Amber and Jim divorced in the year 2019. Even after four years apart, Amber hasn’t found someone and is waiting for someone to come into her life and sweep her off her feet.

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