About Bling Empire: New York star Stephen Hung's net worth, career, Instagram, wife, and more

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About Bling Empire: New York star Stephen Hung’s net worth, career, Instagram, wife, and more


Stephen Hung is one of the numerous cast members to enter the Bling Empire universe in Bling Empire: New York, a Netflix spinoff.

Deborah Hung-Valadez is married to Hung, a Chinese millionaire (or billionaire?). Deborah has a more major role in the season and drama of the Netflix reality program than her counterpart.

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Below is information on Stephen Hung, including his age, net worth, occupation, and social media profiles.

Find out more about Stephen Hung, including his age, his net worth, the position he now has, and the many social media platforms on which you can follow him.

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What is Stephen Hung’s net worth? Stephen Hung’s fortune

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Celebrity Net Worth says that Hung’s many businesses and investments have made him worth about $400 million. In 2016, when he bought “30 customized Rolls-Royce Phantoms for $20 million,” this may have been one of the most extravagant things he did with his money.

Despite what you might read online, Bling Empire: New York shows that Stephen Hung and his wife, Deborah Valdez-Hung, have a combined net worth of $2 billion, which is much higher than what you might read online.

According to Celebrity’s net worth, Stephen Hung’s Net Worth is $400 Million.

So, what does Stephen Hung do? Stephen Hung’s job

Stephen Hung was born into a wealthy family and calls himself a businessman and entrepreneur. His parents were well-known investors in real estate, and he has tried out many different jobs.

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Hung used to be the joint chairman of Hong Kong’s 13 Holdings Limited. He is now the vice chairman of the Rio Hotel & Casino in Macau. He is an expert in casino games, investments in high-end lifestyles, and real estate.

Stephen Hung’s Age and Height


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There is no record of Hung’s birthdate anywhere on the internet; nonetheless, he is said to have been born in 1959, making him currently 64 years old. He has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches.

Who is Stephen Hung’s wife?

Is Chinese millionaire Stephen Hung filming a reality show in NYC?

Deborah Hung-Valdez, a model and businesswoman, has been the Chinese entrepreneur-turned-reality-wife star since 2012. The couple was married in 2012. A grandiose wedding celebration was held for the couple at Hong Kong’s Ritz-Carlton hotel.

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Stephen Hung’s Instagram Account


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If you are interested in staying current with Hung’s activities, you may follow him on Instagram under the handle @stephenhungofficial. He now has over 698k followers, a number that will almost certainly grow once people begin watching his new program.

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The majority of his account is dedicated to displaying his extravagant lifestyle and offbeat sense of style. He routinely shares pictures of himself wearing fancy outfits and attending hangouts with influential individuals from fashion houses such as Versace, Gucci, and others. In addition to that, he frequently posts images of his wife Deborah.

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