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A 20 Year Belle Olivia Shows Her S**y Body in Bold Lingerie


Belle Olivia is an Irish OnlyFans model who is 20 years old and lives in Manchester. She makes controversial content for the platform. Because of this, she gets hate messages from trolls all the time.

Even if people say mean things about her online, an OnlyFans model will still post videos of herself having sex in public. Belle Olivia, who lives in Manchester, has become well-known for her shocking content. Even if the keyboard warriors get worse, the Irish girl has no plans to stop making saucy videos.

“I do storytimes [on TikTok] about some of the things I’ve filmed for OnlyFans and it definitely gets people going,” she told Daily Star.

“A lot of people call me a sl*t or a sl*g and that I’ve no self-respect, the list could go on, but I knew from the second I’d start doing something controversial like OnlyFans it would cause a lot of opinions. When you put yourself out there online there’s always gonna be people hating.

“I have very thick skin so it doesn’t phase me at all luckily. If anything I laugh at the hate comments, it’s just jealous people wasting their time.”

Belle Olivia

The blonde bombshell doesn’t care what trolls say because she’s making a lot of money on the platform. She doesn’t even care that she’s been caught in the act, which has led to her being kicked out of venues.

“I’ve done some crazy things to make good content, I think one of my followers’ favorite stories is when I filmed with a real taxi driver back in Ireland when I was 18 after a party. I was quite wild, especially back then,” she said.

“Or another one was at a beach club in Ibiza last year. I got kicked out for filming with two of my guy friends in the boy’s toilets.”

Belle Olivia has also slept with men at music festivals and on the bus. People online say that Belle made up these stories, but that’s why she filmed them: to show them that they’re wrong. Belle loves doing things in public because she likes to break the rules.

She added: “I always like thinking outside the box with content, I want my subscribers to be wowed when I come out with new videos and think ‘no way she really did that.’”

Some people think Belle takes the hate she gets online too far because of what she posts. This is also true of her TikTok account, where she says things that some people find offensive. People didn’t like one of her videos because she talked about where she has orgasmed in public.

“The TikToks I make are definitely not your typical normal content, but I like being different, it’s entertainment at the end of the day and the weird stuff I do makes me stand out,” she shared.

Because of this, Belle has become one of the most popular creators on the platform, and she shows no signs of stopping.

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