Who Is Maryka? What are the allegations leveled against Adam Levine?


Who Is Maryka? What are the allegations leveled against Adam Levine?


What are we hearing in the present day? Is Adam Levine having an affair with Behati Prinsloo? Who is he dating behind her back?

We hesitate to announce that our beloved Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levis, has been accused of sending amorous messages to Alysin Rose and Maryka direct messages.

If so, he must have meant two gals when he stated, “I need a girl like you, yeah yeah” hahaha.

Who Is Maryka?

The lady has uploaded a snapshot of the purported chat between herself and the Payphone singer, which was sent from Levine’s official Instagram account. The revelation followed the main charge made by Sumner Stroh in her TikTok video on Monday, in which she described her former connection with Levis when he was already married.

She stated, “Essentially, I had an affair with the Victoria’s Secret model’s husband. I was not as prominent as I am today at the time, and I honestly feel exploited now. I was young, innocent, and very susceptible to manipulation.”

Adam Levine's Alleged Mistress Claims He Sent Her Nude Photos

The tradition of releasing screenshots was started by Stroh, who released the messages they exchanged during their alleged romance. Adam Levine responded, “You’re sexier in person, but so am I,” to Stroh’s remark, “Seeing you in person, I was like, ‘I’m fu**ed.'”

Levine was seen asking her if he and Behati may call their child Sumner in the second screenshot. Sumner just discovered now that she was being emotionally imprisoned and exploited, which she was unaware of at the time, resulting in her moral compromise.

Shortly after the matter received a great deal of attention on the Internet, comedian Maryka uploaded without hesitation a snapshot of the chats provided by Adam Levine with her. Interestingly, a single screenshot was sufficient, as one of the singer’s texts said, “Distract yourself by f****ing with me.” However, we cannot find a positive interpretation of what he stated there!

So, what may be the nature of Levine’s relationship with Maryka? Previously, Who Is Maryka?

Maryka is reportedly a comedian and a tattoo aficionado with over 43,000 Instagram followers who mainly appreciate her tattoo-covered hourglass physique. At this point, we do not know much about Maryka; all we know about her is her most recent tattoos, for which she receives many praises every day.

What are the allegations leveled against Adam Levine?

As a result of Sumner Strohs Tiktok video, a plethora of complaints involving the Maroon 5 singer’s verbal abuse were made public.

Alyson Rose, an Instagram influencer, and Maryka accused Levine of online flirtation on September 20. Alongside the other two ladies, Alanna Zabel, Levine’s former yoga instructor, also revealed her secret. Immediately after the online fight, she shared her experience with the singer’s obscene words.

Who Is Sumner Stroh? Model Made Adam Levine Affair Claims

Maryka included the hashtag #ExposeAdamLevine in her Tuesday Instagram tales. There, she divulged absolutely everything that would later be used to suit the musician. The remainder of the claimed conversation, however, was published by a TikTok channel, @igfamousbydana.

The screenshots broadcast on the tea channel revealed the chat between the two, in which Levien praised Maryka’s hourglass form.

Maryka said that Levine sent her a video of himself.

She responded, “Aren’t you married?” when Levine professed his fascination with the comic. As far as we are aware, there appears to be tension in his marriage to Behati Prinsloo.

From June through July of 2022, a variety of reported flirtatious cum NSFW communications were allegedly sent. Levine effortlessly exceeded the boundaries, even claiming that Maryka’s physique was ludicrous and that he would do anything for it.

The second woman, TikTok user Alyson, said that Levine contacted her about his family, and she subsequently published a screenshot with the words “We, shouldn’t be talking right now.”

Since Alyson knew Levine’s tattoo artist, she felt comfortable exchanging a few words with the singer, but his tone gradually shifted and he began to request her photographs.

Despite the fact that the early exchanges between the two looked proper, things heated up with each new discussion. According to Alyson, she does not feel comfortable disclosing everything on social media since doing so may strain her relationship with her present partner. However, she still climbed the peak to inspire other women to pursue similar endeavors.

Adam Levine’s Response to the Allegations

Unfortunately, a flood of tweets about the hoax began immediately after Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine announced the birth of their third child. The couple presently has two children, Dusty Rose, age 5, and Gio Grace, age 4.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Focused on 'Being the Best Parents'

The day after Stroh’s disclosure that Levine had coerced her into dating him, he told Source, “I have horrible judgment when speaking with anyone other than my wife.” I never crossed the line in terms of romantic relationships.

“I have addressed this with my family and have been taking active measures to rectify this,” he stated.

“I have just my wife and my family, and I care most about them. To be so foolish as to risk the only thing I have would be the biggest error in history.”

“I accept full responsibility and will never do so again. We are currently resolving matters, he concluded.

This was his answer, however, when the principal claim was broadcast via Stroh’s TikTok video. The lead singer of Maroon 5 is scheduled to answer the second batch of accusations brought by Maryka, Alyson, and Zabel.

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