Who is Charli XCX Dating


Who is Charli XCX Dating? Everything About Her Love Life!

Mai K. Sosa

Charli XCX, the talented and dynamic pop sensation, has been enchanting audiences with her music and avant-garde style for years. While her professional life is in the limelight, fans are often curious about her personal life, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. In this article, we take a closer look at Charli XCX’s love life, attempting to unravel the mystery surrounding her current boyfriend.

Who Is Charli XCX?

Charlotte Emma Aitchison was born in Cambridge, England, on August 2, 1992, to Jon Aitchison, a Scottish entrepreneur and former show-booker, and Shameera, a former nurse and flight attendant.

Bishop’s Stortford College was her alma mater. Charlotte was always interested in music, particularly pop singers like the Spice Girls and Britney Spears. So, at the age of 14, Charlotte began creating songs.

Charli’s professional career began in 2009. She began by uploading tracks from her debut album, “14,” to Myspace. This piqued the interest of a promoter who runs several illegal warehouse raves and parties in east London and invited her to perform.

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In the middle of 2013, Charli launched her second album. In late 2013, “SuperLove” was released as the album’s lead single and peaked at number sixty-two on the UK Singles Chart, becoming Charli’s first solo entry. She uploaded a song called “Allergic to Love” on her SoundCloud in January 2014.

Who is Charli XCX Dating?

Charlie XCX is dating George Daniel, The 1975’s drummer. Charli announced the couple’s engagement on Instagram with two images of them, as well as a shot of her engagement ring on a tray with two teacups.

Who is Charli XCX Dating

“Charli XCX and George Daniel f-king for life!” she captioned her Instagram image.

The public confirmation came one day after Charli announced the news on a private Instagram page, where she took a photo holding up her left hand, revealing the diamond ring.

Charli hinted at her readiness for marriage months before the engagement when she commented on one of The 1975’s Instagram posts about a tour announcement. “Stop touring; George needs to buy a ring,” the singer of “Boom Clap” said.

How Did XCX and George Daniel Meet?

George, in addition to being a drummer, is also a producer who has collaborated with Charli on multiple tunes. In 2021, they worked on the song “Spinning” for the first time. Charli announced her relationship with George in May 2022 by uploading images of them on Instagram while on vacation together.

Who is Charli XCX Dating

The musician then produced numerous tracks on Charli’s 2022 album Crash and is recognized as a producer and songwriter on her 2023 tune “In the City,” which she collaborated on with Sam Smith.

Charlie and George also collaborated on a remix of Caroline Polachek’s “Welcome to My Island” in early 2023. “It was love at first sight from the moment we kissed,” Charli sang in her verse. “I want a white dress, a countryside house, and kids.”

What Has Charli XCX Said About George Daniel?

While discussing her marital quotes in “Welcome to My Island (Remix),” Charli waxed poetic about her hopes for the future. While she did not identify George by name, she was open about her love life.

“I want to get married.” “I want a big, fat belly with a baby inside it,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald. “The only lie in it is that I don’t want to live in the countryside because I love cities.” I’m simply so in love right now, and I think I’d make a fantastic mother.”

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She also spoke to The Sun about how George inspired her. “Now that I’m in a relationship with another musician, he’s influenced me a lot with his process and how he and his band work,” she said.

“It’s very different from how I work, and it has undoubtedly influenced me and my process.” ‘Quick, quick, quick, album a month, let’s go,’ I used to say. ‘Oh, maybe it’s cool to take some time and live in the music that you create,’ I think now. “My method is evolving.”

Who Else Has Charli XCX Dated?

Charli was previously involved with video game producer Huck Kwong before beginning her engagement with George. They first became friends in 2012 and began dating in 2014. Their relationship was on and off until about the time she met George in 2021 or early 2022.

Charli said in 2020 that being quarantined with Huck during the COVID-19 outbreak “saved” their relationship. Unfortunately, the good days were short-lived.

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