who forged the rings of power?


Who Forged the Rings of Power? What Are the Power Rings?

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Fans of Amazon’s The Rings of Power can conclude, based on the title alone, that the series will explore the construction of the Great Rings of Middle-earth.

However, their appearance in the series is not imminent, leaving fans with questions about the titular magical jewelry. But what do we know specifically about the Rings of Power and their creators?

What Are the Power Rings?

The Rings of Power were twenty magical rings made during the Second Age of Middle-earth, the era depicted in the Amazon series. Sauron intended to use these rings to entice and manipulate Middle-ruler’s earth so he could rule over all beings.

who forged the rings of power?

Nine of the twenty Great Rings were handed to the Men, corrupting them and transforming them into Sauron’s slaves, the Nazgûl. Seven of the rings were given to the Dwarves, who used them to acquire vast treasures, but throughout the millennia, they were all either destroyed by dragons lured to the gold hoards or recaptured by Sauron.

While the Elves were awarded three rings of their own, which stayed safe with them because they were unaffected by Sauron’s dark magic, the Fellowship of the Ring was destroyed.

The three Elvish rings were the most powerful of the Rings of Power, with the exception of the One Ring, which Sauron intended to wield to control all other ring-bearers.

Who Forged the Power Rings?

Sixteen of the Rings of Power, those belonging to Men and Dwarves, were fashioned by the great Elven smiths of Eregion under the command of Sauron, who at the time was disguised as the Lord of Gifts, Annatar.

The three Elven rings were forged by the greatest of all smiths, Celebrimbor, whom we encounter in the first episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Celebrimbor mistrusted Annatar and fashioned the Elven rings independently of Sauron.

The most famous of all the rings, the One Ring, was created by Sauron himself in Mount Doom’s fires. Celebrimbor is reported to have crafted all of the Great Rings, including assisting Sauron in the creation of the One Ring in the Shadow of Mordor/War video games.

who forged the rings of power?

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Celebrimbor Reveals His Intentions to Construct a Massive Forge

In the first two episodes of The Rings of Power, Celebrimbor plans to construct a tower that would hold the largest forge ever constructed in Middle-earth.

The great Elven blacksmith aims to use the forge to produce artifacts that will revolutionize Middle-earth. However, he aims to have the forge constructed by spring, which will necessitate the world’s largest labor force.

Elrond intends to recruit the assistance of the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm to ensure that Celebrimbor’s forge is completed by the spring deadline.

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