"Tom Holland and Zendaya Enjoy Date" Together At Louvre Museum in Paris

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“Tom Holland and Zendaya Enjoy Date” Together At Louvre Museum in Paris


Zendaya and Tom Holland went on a weekend date far from home.

On Friday, the Spider-Man co-stars were pictured waiting in line at the Louvre museum in Paris while holding hands. Zendaya, 26, donned a shirt dress and a pair of spectacles, while Holland, 26, wore a striped sweater with rolled-up sleeves.

In the days around Zendaya’s birthday last month, Zendaya and Holland were recently photographed hanging together in New York City. On September 2, the day following her birthday, they were caught holding hands after having coffee in Manhattan, and on September 1, they celebrated her special day at New York’s MAMO restaurant.

The Emmy-winning Euphoria actress uploaded a flashback photo of herself as a toddler smiling in a pool on her birthday, thanking her fans for their continued support as she became another year older.

Tom Holland and Zendaya Enjoy Date at Louvre in Paris: Photo

She commented, “I get to spend the day replying to the most lovely notes (sorry I’m a bit late) thank you so much for filling my heart with so much love, I couldn’t be more thankful.” “A toast to 26!”

In a November interview with GQ, Holland explained why he wishes to keep their relationship largely quiet.

“I’ve always been emphatic about keeping my private life private since I share so much of it with the public. We felt rather invaded of our private “Holland remarked. “I do not believe it is a lack of readiness. Simply put, we did not wish to.”

In the cover story, the actor continued to laud Zendaya’s praises, calling her “important” in his life, while she concurred that it is “confusing and intrusive” that the public is privy to their intimate moments.

Zendaya stated, “The idea we both have is that when you truly love and care about someone, you wish certain moments or things were yours.” “I believe that loving another person is a holy and unique experience that should be shared and enjoyed by the two individuals who are in love.”

Zendaya and Tom Holland enjoy romantic tour of Louvre in Paris | Metro News

In an August video commentary, Holland revealed that he will be taking a break from social media, writing “hello and farewell.” In the video message, he described Instagram and Twitter as “overstimulating” and “overwhelming” and stated he would be taking a break back for his mental health. Controversy about Zendaya: Is Zendaya pregnant? FAKE A TikTok video gets viral as supporters lose their calmness: ‘Y’all just tripping’ In addition, he encouraged his fans to contribute to Stem4, the U.K.-based mental health organization for adolescents that he supports.

“When I read negative comments about myself online, I spiral,” Holland admitted. I decided to take a step back and deactivate the app since, ultimately, it is really destructive to my mental health.

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