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Is Steve Lukather Gay or Not and What is His Statement on Not Attracted to Black Men?


American vocalist and musician Steve Lacy first gained notoriety as a member of the Grammy-nominated R&B group The Internet. At the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, the collective’s third album, Ego Death, received a nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Following the nomination, members of The Internet split off to work on individual projects.

As he collaborated with J. Cole, Isaiah Rashad, and Kendrick Lamar, Lacy’s production abilities stood out. On his acclaimed album Damn, Steve produced the number-one single Pride by Lamar. Steve released his first EP, Steve Lacy’s Demo, in 2017, and his first album, Apollo XXI, came out two years later.

This essay will examine Steve Lacy’s sexual orientation. He claims to be bis*xual.

Is Steve Lukather Gay or Straight?

14904 visitors claim that Steve Lukather is 87% gay.
According to, Steve Lukather has received a strong gay rating (gay rating average: 69%).

Steve Lukather Gay

One of his fans said that he met Steve’s ex-wife, and because of his unfortunate “ED” issue, she believes he is gay. She remarked that because there wasn’t much in the way of making out with Steve, she assumed he must value other highly GAY traits more than making out with her.
I have no negative feelings regarding his social life because he is one of the finest guitarists in music. Since Steve is an extremely gifted GAY person, he must possess additional virtues that outweigh his attraction to men.

Some people said that Because of the way he treats his female fans, Steve comes across as more gay than heterosexual. He appears to focus his sexual attention on the men in his life after suffering through two divorces as a result of cheating on both of his spouses, both of whom had children—though perhaps not necessarily his children. After seeing how he treats them and the kids he believes to be his own, his two spouses will undoubtedly concur with this assessment. No offense intended, but this paints a clear image of Steve’s preference for guys over women.

Steve Repressed His Attraction to Boys Because He Believed It Was Antichristian

Steve discovered that he was attracted to both men and women as he was growing up in Compton, California. He repressed his desire for men, nevertheless, because he believed it to be sinful. However, Steve decided to embrace his homosexuality after making out with and kissing a guy friend on New Year’s Day 2017.

Lacy skillfully sidestepped interview inquiries about his sexual history by deciding to broach the matter through music. On Apollo XXI, the segmented 9-minute song “Like Me” depicted the tale of a young guy who was fighting to come out to his family. “How many people are there like me?” Steve queries. How many more people aren’t going to notify their families? According to Steve, the launch of Apollo XXI heralds sexual liberation:

“It helped shape the record to be carefree, human, joyful, and honest as I came to terms with my sexuality. Since straight artists don’t identify themselves, I was unwilling to do so. For me, this record is a symbol of emancipation and freedom.

Steve doesn’t mind discussing sexuality, but he thinks it shouldn’t take up much of the conversation about him. He revealed to i-D Magazine:

“Honestly, I’m not all that worried by it. I prefer not to consider it a significant portion. And I believe that it should not matter in the world who we are fu*king. I find it to be a little stupid. But I must always be mindful that I’m speaking from inside my Los Angeles bubble. I try not to make a big deal out of things.

Steve Faced Harsh Criticism After Declaring That He is Not Attracted to Black Men

Steve’s admission of being bisexual received praise from fans who desire to transform hip-heteronormative hop’s society. But as soon as he admitted that he would never date a black man, he came under fire.

Steve Lukather Gay

When Lacy’s sexual orientation was brought up by fans on Tumblr, the discussion began. I’m a person, Lacy said. Then he made it clear that he wouldn’t object to dating a male. Everything was going smoothly until a member posed an anonymous question to Lacy about his dislike of dating black males. Lacy replied with the following:

“I never envisioned or saw myself engaging in any sexual activity with my neighbors. Despite the fact that you or anybody thinks this sounds like bs, it actually comes from a real place, like I stated, I literally consider them as brothers. I adore black people and don’t detest them; I just want to live here and be around POC since I’m not attracted to black dudes. So that’s it. We won’t date, but I still love them and want the best for them in life. Sorry.”

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Some respondents defended Lacy’s decision, but the majority attacked his position on dating black males. Yes, Steve Lacy, a damning piece by Shervin Kayvon on Into more. You’re Being Anti-Black came to the following conclusion:

“I don’t have to personally care about it, but I won’t pretend the dressing up of anti-Black outlook as ‘preference’ is anything but what it is: fucked up.”


Steve Lacy is a member of the Grammy-nominated R&B group The Internet. He claims to be bis*xual. Lacy has worked with artists such as J. Cole, Isaiah Rashad, and Kendrick Lamar. Some people have said that he is more attracted to men than women.

Lacy says he doesn’t mind discussing s*xuality but thinks it shouldn’t take up much of the conversation about him. The song “Like Me” depicted a young gay man coming out. Some Tumblr users defended Lacy’s decision, but the majority attacked his position.

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