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Stephen Colbert Makes a Triumphant Return and Fans Applaud His Joe Biden Blunder

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Stephen Colbert has finally made a comeback to The Late Show. Fans took issue with his time off, especially considering the timing of it all. Following the Presidential debate, supporters were waiting impatiently for Colbert’s response. To be fair, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon also took time off, so Colbert wasn’t the first late-night host to do so.

Let’s examine Colbert’s comeback in more detail, as well as his remarks regarding President Joe Biden that had the audience going crazy. The comeback speech gained a lot of popularity on the internet. Fans had a lot to say, as one could anticipate.

Stephen Colbert Poked Fun at Joe Biden’s “It’s Just My Brain” Remark, and Fans Enjoyed It Immensely

The piece garnered over one million views in just a day. It’s obvious that viewers missed The Late Show and Stephen Colbert. Considering that he was absent from the Presidential debate, his choice of vacation dates wasn’t exactly optimal. Still, Colbert was sure to express his opinions.

Colbert acknowledged that President Joe Biden is an excellent leader before mocking his performance. Still, when it came to the argument, he didn’t hold back. Colbert was on the floor and away from his main platform throughout the peak of the monologue.

What set off Colbert’s amusing response? A quote by Biden.

Colbert disclosed, “Biden talked to his Democratic governors about his health. “It’s just my brain,” he said, adding that he was alright.” Subsequently, Colbert emerged from the camera frame and received a standing ovation while he delivered his speech on the ground. He goes on, “That’s right. It’s just his mind. All I needed was some floor time, everyone.”

Colbert then proceeds with a few more stretches before disclosing that Biden requires additional sleep.

What was the response of the audience to Colbert’s debate monologue?

The most popular remarks were as follows:

  • “People must keep in mind that we elect an administration, not just the candidate running for office. Several officials of Trump’s previous administration wrote Project 2025. I’d rather have a cabbage than fascism.”
  • “Remember that during his time in the White House, Trump threw food at someone. That is one of the seven thousand reasons we tossed him out.

Although there were obviously differing views within the audience, Colbert made an effort to make amends after the break. The wait was definitely worthwhile.

Donald Trump Was Targeted by Stephen Colbert Upon His Comeback

Colbert also didn’t hold back while criticizing Donald Trump.

“Trump demonstrated his monstrous nature once more. Regarding Donald at the debate, he remarked, “A lot of people are saying this was the worst debate performance of all time.”

Colbert’s attacks on Trump in previous months have not been limited to just one instance. In addition, he advised Trump not to mention Kimmel after the Oscars.

What was said by Stephen Colbert?

  • “Please refrain from mentioning my friend Jimmy Kimmel in your strange, wet mouth.” Colbert retaliated on “The Late Show.” “I’m furious. My “Strike Force Five” podcast brother is Jimmy Kimmel. And I’ve promised to stand up for him until the next Mint Mobile advertisement or until I die.
  • “Just so you know, sir, Jimmy did a fantastic job hosting. It’s true that Oscar viewership increased by 4%, Colbert continued. Four extra individuals watched this year.

There will undoubtedly be more tension between Colbert and Trump as the election draws closer.


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