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Is Sam Smith Gay? Lets Read About His Present and Past Relationships!


British singer-songwriter Sam Smith has been nominated for six Grammy Awards and has won four of them. In 2019, non-binary performers in the Pop, R&B, and soul genres publicly embraced the pronouns they/them. Due to the fact that certain award ceremonies continue to follow the antiquated female-male system, this nonconformity has created some problems. However, they are still producing music; learn more about what they are doing now.

They purportedly dated famous people like Andy Newton Lee, Adam Lambert, and Brandon Flynn, but those relationships are all over now. What about Sam Smith’s lover? For more, continue reading Briefly!

Is Sam Smith Gay?

Sam Smith, the singer of “Stay with Me,” claimed that he has always been open about his sexual orientation; he just doesn’t want it to define him.

Sam, age 22, said to Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, “I want to be a spokeswoman for everyone.” “Well, there are heterosexuals, homosexuals, and bisexuals. I object to being constrained.

Sam claims he doesn’t intentionally make a point of discussing his sexuality because of this, despite the fact that he has received some criticism for it. (Is there truly no such thing as winning?

He admitted to Ellen, “I get frustrated sometimes because I don’t talk about it too much. “People claim that he doesn’t want to represent the gay community as a spokesperson. Of course, I do, I do.

Sam said that he never had any doubts about his sexuality.

“I came out when I was like four years old,” the British singer said. “My mom said she knew when I was like three. So I didn’t have to actually properly come out.”

Sam Smith’s Dating History

Sam Smith’s stunning public revelation of their sexuality has been a private journey of self-discovery. Aside from their chart-topping albums and well-liked music, the talk surrounding their gender identity and the relationships that followed it has made headlines.

Sam came out as gay after the band’s debut record was out, but they now choose to identify as “non-binary,” saying it’s “freeing” to fall in love with someone no matter what gender they may be.

So, we looked more closely into Sam Smith’s dating history to discover who served as the inspiration for his love songs and breakup songs:

1. Ex: Jonathan Zeizel

After meeting on the set of Like I Can, they began dating Jonathan Zeizel shortly after Sam came out as gay. The gorgeous new pair even went on vacation together in Australia after going public with their relationship through adorable Instagram images.


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Sam, however, admitted that the romance ended just two months into a live performance in Toronto. The singer told the audience that “This song is particularly significant for me today” before starting Good Thing. It’s because I had to deal with someone I’ve been seeing today in a very similar manner.

Sam said to The Daily Mail that they weren’t the best match for Jonathan and that they regretted going public with the relationship. She said, “I made a mistake by putting images of us on Instagram and making it appear more serious than it was.”

2. Love Unrequited: Elvin Smith

Do you want to know where Sam got the idea for his album, The Ultimate Heartbreak? It appears that The Lonely Hour was written about their manager Elvin Smith. Elvin, who was married and didn’t feel the same way about Sam, didn’t.

The guy I fell in love with last year and who didn’t return my feelings is the subject of The Lonely Hour. Sam admitted to The Fader, “I think I’m over it now, but I was in a pretty dark place. They added that the story was produced as a warning to avoid repeating the error.

Elvin was never given a specific name by Sam, but speculations said that he was the unrequited love the star had been singing about.

Sam thanked the anonymous man during their victory speech at the Grammys, saying, “Thank you very much for hurting my heart, because now I’ve received four Grammys.”

3. Rumored Ex: Charlie King

After Charlie King gushed on Twitter over Sam’s Grammy performance, this flirtation began. He sent the singer 11 messages on Twitter saying, “You are just great.” Sam had at last found the woman of his dreams, and in May 2015, after having covert rendezvous at bars and Sam’s house, rumors of their relationship began to spread.

But according to a source who spoke to The Sun, “nothing romantic happened since they concluded they were better off as friends.”

However, a few months later, the tabloids were back to their old antics and claimed that one of Charlie’s Twitter messages was in reference to Sam. He posted a picture of his arm around an unidentified lover, “Sometimes it takes a bit to discover that the correct person was there all along!” It also contained a picture of him.

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4. Ex: Brandon Flynn

Sam and the 13 Reasons Why actor enjoyed their most prominent relationship to date, and we all wish it had lasted longer.

The singer acknowledged their romance on The Ellen Degeneres Show after they were photographed holding hands and exchanging kisses in New York City.


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Especially after sharing so many images of themselves on Instagram, it appeared as though Sam and Sam had finally found their “happily ever after.” Sadly, because of their busy schedules, their love affair ended after nine months.

The therapy they required to try and comprehend what they had learned from their lovely romance was provided by Sam’s album Love Goes, which was devoted to their connection with Brandon. They said of Brandon: “He was fantastic. I’m still contemplating what I gained from that connection and what it meant to me. It still feels very raw. All of my relationships have ended amicably; I’ve never had a bad breakup.

In spite of this, Sam and Brandon did unfollow one another on social media, but the singer kept praising their ex-boyfriend and referred to him as their “first-ever relationship.”

5. Rumored Ex: Tom Daley

Sam had an unfortunate Twitter encounter with Tom Daley’s fiancé Dustin Lance Black, which sparked rumors of their relationship.


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Sam acknowledged that they were the first openly gay recipient of the prestigious honor when they accepted the James Bond Oscar in 2016. At the same moment that he told Sam to stop messaging his fiancé Tom, Dustin quickly announced on Twitter that he had won an Oscar in 2009!

Naturally, this argument sparked conversation, but Sam remained silent. They just abruptly quit Twitter and deleted his account. #Awkward!

Sam received a public apology from Dustin three years later, saying, “Sam, I’m really sorry. Because I am a motherf***ing human, I occasionally err.

He also affirmed that Sam and Tom Daley were merely “pals” who were texting each other.

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Final Words

Sam Smith came out as gay after the band’s debut record was out. They now choose to identify as “non-binary,” saying it’s “freeing” to fall in love. Sam dated famous people like Andy Newton Lee, Adam Lambert, and Brandon Flynn. Sam thanked the anonymous man for hurting his heart during their victory speech at the Grammys. The story was produced as a warning to avoid repeating the mistakes of Sam’s previous relationships with Charlie King and Brandon Flynn.

Sam and Brandon’s relationship was their “first-ever relationship”. They were the first openly gay recipients of the James Bond Oscar. Sam had an unfortunate Twitter encounter with Tom Daley’s fiancé Dustin Lance Black, which sparked rumors of their relationship. The couple unfollowed one another on social media.

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