600 Breezy Girlfriend Dead by Suicide!

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600 Breezy Girlfriend Dead by Suicide!

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According to 600 Breezy, his two-year girlfriend passed away suddenly.

The Chicago rapper posted a series of remembrance photos and videos on Instagram to express his sorrow over his partner Raven Jackson’s passing and ask how such a thing could have happened.

Alongside a picture of the happy couple together, 600Breezy wrote, “Baby why would you do this to me, why would you do this to us.” “I promised you I would return home, and I was. You’re about to abandon me forever? You are aware of how adored you are, raven? If this had been the result, I would not have left.


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I’m fucked up for the rest of my life, baby, you just killed me mentally, he continued. I’m trembling and sobbing over how much I love you, stinky pie. My wife, my life, and my woman To be able to perform this, you pushed me away. I gave you my all and would have died with you, Raven. @raven.k.jackson, I’ll never be able to love again. Baby, I’ll see you soon. Please help me, God.

In a subsequent post, 600 Breezy explained why his time with her had been the best two years of his life. In another post with a carousel of videos, he continued, “The best 2 years of my life…… @raven.k.jackson.” “God, I need your assistance; please. Why am I getting this treatment now? Did you take both my girl and my friends?

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She was a motivational speaker and a model, according to her Instagram. She discussed mental health awareness on her podcast, “Real Talk With Raven.”

600 Breezy was promoting his upcoming album Retaliation, which was released on August 19 and includes appearances from Money Man and Toohda Band$, when this tragic development occurred.

HipHopDX extends its condolences to 600 Breezy, Raven Jackson’s family, and friends.

Raven Jackson: Who Was She?

Rapper 600 Breezy from Canada had a girlfriend named Raven Jackson. She had more than 300,000 Instagram followers and was a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and fitness model. Additionally, she frequently showcased her short films at several Tennessee film festivals.

After the rapper split from Queen Kay, another rapper, Raven and Breezy began dating in 2020. The split between Breezy and Kay became contentious when she revealed she was expecting triplets and gave birth to Krown, Kash, and Kreative.

While Queen Kay asserted that Breezy is the father of the children, Breezy frequently denied this. Breezy and Jackson dated for two years before she recently committed suicide.

We offer Breezy and Jackson’s family our condolences. May God grant peace to the departed’s soul.

Revealed Possible Cause of Death

Raven K. Jackson committed suicide, according to TMZ.
Jackson was the host of the Real Talk with Raven podcast, where she talked about mental health issues.
On Instagram, Breezy hints at Jackson’s mental health issues but doesn’t reveal how she passed away.
“My baby was hurting, and I did everything I could to keep her going by giving her nothing but love,” he said.
“I gave her and her company everything. I revered the ground she walked on because I believed in her. She is no longer here. I despise myself.

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“Please take your loved ones seriously if they exhibit any signs of mental illness or damage. It is a fact. She left me with this when she left.

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