Noah Schnapp confirmed that Will Byers is gay and said it is 100% clear.


Noah Schnapp confirmed that Will Byers is gay and said it is 100% clear.


Will Byers would want everyone who is pulling him out of the closet to just quit right now. He is capable of doing it himself! According to the man who plays him, Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp, the Stranger Things character is officially a part of the LGBTQ community. (Unfortunately, he is also madly in love with Mike Wheeler, an unquestionably bad choice for a first crush.)

“It’s quite evident that he is homosexual and that he loves Mike,” Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp told Variety, adding, “I mean, it’s fairly clear this season that Will has emotions for Mike.” [Showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer] have been doing this on purpose for the past few seasons. Even in season one, they hinted at it and gradually expanded the tale. I believe for season 4, it was just me portraying this guy who loves his best buddy but isn’t sure whether he’ll be welcomed, and who feels like a mistake and doesn’t belong.”

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Although many Will fans will be overjoyed to see their long-held suspicions confirmed, others may find the news less satisfying. For one thing, remember the key season 4 sequence in which Will’s sexuality was all but confirmed? Many viewers thought it was queerbaiting. Aside from that, his affections are directed on Mike, who has been treating Will like gum under his heel for the past two seasons.

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During his Variety interview, Schnapp addressed the topic. “I think it’s Mike coping with his own things,” he explained. “They were best friends and so close in season 2, and then clearly Mike had all his sights on Eleven.” Will is experiencing envy in the situation. He simply wants his closest buddy back and for things to be the same way they were in season one when they were playing D&D in his basement. ” Don’t we all wish we were kids, playing D&D in the basement?

The emotional sequence between Will and his elder brother Jonathan, according to the young actor, was inserted afterward during filming. “As a result, this sequence was not initially written in the screenplay,” Schnapp revealed. “It wasn’t until after I did the scene in the van, where they saw me sobbing and the protectiveness that you see with Jonathan gazing in the rearview mirror, that they realized what I was going through.” They said, “We need a scenario with that.”

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Schnapp expects that Will’s coming-out will take happen again, this time on film. “There are so many different things [the Duffers] have to deal with,” he explained. “Obviously, we hope for a coming-out moment, and I’d also want to see them address the Mind Flayer link and how that fits into the universe.” And I’ve always wondered why Will was the first victim and the first to be apprehended.”

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