Millie Bobby Brown's Parents: Her father demands $90,000 from the agency to sign Millie


Millie Bobby Brown’s Parents: Her father demands $90,000 from the agency to sign Millie


Since a very young age, Millie Bobby Brown has had a highly successful acting career. Included in this account of her childhood are the scandals in which her parents have been involved.

Millie Bobby Brown’s face became well-known and well-liked when Stranger Things took over our life.

Her parents Robert and Kelly appear to have had a significant influence on Brown’s Hollywood success since she has been in films such as Godzilla vs. Kong and Enola Holmes on Netflix at the age of 18.

Millie Bobby Brown's Parents: Her father demands $90,000 from the agency to sign Millie

Millie’s parents encouraged her to seek a career in Hollywood at an early age, recognizing her acting passion and aptitude. Despite being ardent supporters of their daughter’s aspirations, her parents have also been embroiled in scandals.

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Before the premiere of Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix, here is all you need to know about Millie’s childhood.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Parents

On February 19, 2004, Robert and Kelly Brown welcomed Millie Bobby Brown to Marbella, Spain. She is their third kid out of four.

The parents who discovered Millie’s ability at an early age were determined to provide her with the finest possibilities to succeed as a performer.

Millie Bobby Brown's Parents: Her father demands $90,000 from the agency to sign Millie

Robert stated to the Daily Mail: “Mill watched musicals such as Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Annie, and Bugsy Malone, whilst my other children watched cartoons. She would perform a song. She began performing immediately.”

In order to give Millie’s skills a chance to shine, her parents sold all of their possessions in the United Kingdom and relocated to Hollywood.

However, the family struggled financially due to Millie’s inability to secure employment, and they were unable to continue in the United States.

The Browns returned to the United Kingdom to reside with Millie’s aunt. After this, the child wanted to give up acting, but her parents continued to encourage her.

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Millie auditioned for Stranger Things in the United Kingdom and landed the part, which rocketed her to worldwide prominence and led to her return to the United States.

Previous controversies of her Parents

In 2016, after Millie’s performance as Eleven made her a global celebrity, her father Robert made news when he attempted to capitalize on his daughter’s fame by requesting a large sum of money from agencies seeking to sign her.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Robert requested close to £90,000 from any agency interested in signing Millie.

Robert may not have realized that performers pay agents and not the other way around. He may have also been perplexed by the British custom of offering signing incentives to agents.

Millie Bobby Brown's Parents: Her father demands $90,000 from the agency to sign Millie

In any case, he dropped his demand for payment, and Millie signs with a representative.

In July 2021, Millie’s parents were entangled in another scandal as the model and influencer Hunter ‘Echo’ Ecimovic claimed that Millie’s parents let him live with her for eight months, prompting significant uproar.

He stated, “I resided at Millie’s residence for eight months. How in the hell is this a lawsuit? I believed that her parents knew everything.”

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Fans criticized Millie’s parents on Twitter for ignoring and exploiting their daughter, with remarks such as “So Millie Bobby Brown’s parents allowed their 16-year-old daughter date… a 20-year-old?” circulating the web.

Millie representatives released the following statement: “Mr. Ecimovic’s social media comments are not only dishonest, but also reckless, insulting, and nasty.

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