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Matt Damon Reportedly Knew that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Marriage Was a Bad Idea

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In light of the allegations surrounding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s divorce, Matt Damon might be holding back on saying, “I told you so.” According to a recent rumor, before Ben and Jen got married in 2022, Matt reportedly told his longtime pal that he didn’t believe the marriage was a good idea.

A insider told Daily Mail, “Matt tried to warn Ben when he got back together with J. Lo that this could happen.” “Matt felt that this would happen again and was there to help Ben get it together after their first split.”

Damon Wants That Affleck Focus On His Career

As the couple apparently collaborate on a new thriller, the insider claims that Matt is pressuring Ben to concentrate on his career in the wake of his divorce.

They said, “As things began to fall apart, Matt told Ben that he wants him to jump in and focus on his work but supports whatever choice he makes.” Like the first time, Ben devoted a great deal of time to J. Lo’s projects. “What has she ever done for your career?” he asked Ben.

There have been rumors that Affleck’s personal life stress may be causing him to relapse. Perez Hilton, a celebrity blogger, has even advanced the idea that Ben might be in treatment rather than living apart from J. Lo because of a divorce, which would account for their peculiar public conduct.

The source appeared to refute these allegations, stating that Damon won’t allow Affleck to relapse following his intense efforts to maintain sober.

“The only genuine male buddy Ben has is Matt. They claimed, “He has been on him to make sure of this and would not let him get back on the bottle.”

Damon Has Actually Hated J. Lo For A Long Time

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Although Matt Damon has refrained from publicly commenting on Affleck’s marriage, there have been earlier stories indicating that he had doubts about Ben’s relationship with Lopez.

“From the start, Matt has had grave concerns about Bennifer 2.0. He’s made an effort to show his support for Ben in public, but the truth is that he can’t stand it any more and detests the way J Lo treats his friend, an insider previously told Radar Online earlier this year.

Matt is concerned that J.Lo and Ben’s connection would affect their friendship, according to the same source, who further explained, “History is repeating itself because 20 years ago they stopped talking for the exact same reason.” However, Matt is unable to remain silent, even if it means offending Ben.

Ben and Jen won’t discuss their marriage in public, despite a lot of speculative chatter.


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