Kelsie and Brandon Catfish Still Together


The Latest Update on Kelsie and Brandon from Catfish: Are They Still Together?

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Are Kelsie and Brandon Catfish Still Together? Beginning its first season on MTV on November 12, 2012, The Catfish is an American reality documentary series. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman adapted their 2010 film Catfish into a television series.

Throughout its eleven-year run, the show aired 234 episodes across eight seasons. Each episode, as reported by IMDB, lasts for 60 minutes. In this article, we will get to know Are Kelsie and Brandon Catfish Still Together in 2023. So stay tuned till the end!

Who is Kelsie?

Makeup artist Forester was born and raised in New Braunfels, Texas. She’s in her early 30s at the moment. She also provides makeover services. On Instagram, she goes by the handle @kfprojectbeauty21, where she routinely posts stunning images of her work.
Making people happy and confident via her work as a makeup artist takes her all over the world, and she loves every minute of it.

She enjoys making dramatic exposes of her work by releasing before and after pictures of her clients. Forester is also quite social on Facebook, posting updates about her loved ones regularly. She had a wonderful time in February with her loved ones and pals Randy Parsons and Katie Caddell.

Kelsie and Brandon Catfish Still Together

With the caption “Oh my heart!” Forester also posted a sweet photo of herself and her son. Sweet boy, Momma said, “Momma.” She then emphasized, “Doing what we do best!”

Are Kelsie and Brandon Catfish  Still Together?

The Catfish couple of Kelsie Forester and Brandon are not dating. Several months after the finale of the show, the couple seemed to have broken up. On July 5, 2017, the pair appeared in Episode 14 of Season 6. In this episode, Kelsie, Nev, and Max work together to figure out who Brandon is.

In the premiere of Episode 14, Kelsie’s hometown of New Braunfels, Texas, played host to the show’s hosts and Kelsie. She freely stated that her Facebook friendship with Brandon dated back more than three years. She mentioned that he was there for her when she decided to cancel her wedding. They were inseparable from one another.

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Once, Forester drove ten hours to meet him at the Louisiana Mudfest, but his truck broke down on the way there, so he missed out on the event. After this hunch, the Catfish hosts were sure the fish was real.

Kelsie and Brandon Catfish Still Together
Max swore up and down “He’s not the guy in the pictures, I’ll tell you that right now.” The group confirmed through investigation that his Facebook page was genuine and that he had been posting there regularly since 2009.

She wasn’t talking to Brandon, but to someone close to him, Schulman told Forester. But then the hosts phoned Brandon, and he seemed thrilled to meet his internet sweetheart, and everything changed.

He reassured them that he wasn’t keeping anything from them that he knew about. After that, he said, “I want to meet her.” Joseph was still wary, but Forester and Schulman were overjoyed.

Where are Kelsie and Brandon Now?

It’s been almost six years since Kelsie and Brandon were featured in the documentary Catfish, in which they were portrayed as real-life hookups. They’ve split up and are each busy with their own lives.

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Forester embarked on a career as a makeup artist, while Brandon avoided the spotlight. This means that his current whereabouts are a mystery.

The show’s viewers were rooting for Kelsie and Brandon.

When it was revealed that Kelsie’s boyfriend Brandon was not a catfish, he gained a lot of support from her fans. Due to issues with his truck, he called off the original plan.

After a long day of travel, complete with airline cancellations, Kelsie, Nev, and Max arrived in Missouri and were eager to meet the guy. Then, abruptly, Brandon called off the trip because his truck wouldn’t start.

Later in the trip, the group was taken aback when he messaged to say he’d arranged for another car and could finally meet up. Everyone was taken aback as he stepped off of an ATV dressed like a hero.

The man in the photos was the same person in real life. There was no mistaking him for a catfish; he was the real deal.
Upon hearing this, Forester was overcome with joy, and the two quickly hugged. He assured her he had nothing to hide and was merely frustrated by his vehicle’s mechanical issues.

Are Kelsie and Brandon Catfish  Still Together

He explained that he hadn’t made it to Texas just yet because “I’m pretty strapped for cash dealing with my truck.” When asked why he’d never been to Forester, he continued, “I’m not a very wealthy person.”

He verified his interest in a long-term relationship with her and acknowledged that he felt romantic feelings for her. After that, they rode about on his ATV for the remainder of the day.

After two months, they were still enjoying themselves immensely. They made frequent flights to see each other. Forester also celebrated Easter with Brandon’s loved ones, and he was supposed to pay a visit to her in New Braunfels.
The audience was relieved to see someone who was being honest about a change. Someone praised Forester for being sympathetic to her partner’s financial predicament.

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Another person commented, “This was the sweetest episode I have ever seen, such a cute couple.” An additional commenter expressed, “This made me so happy.”


Kelsie Forester, a makeup artist from Texas, appeared on Episode 14 of Season 6 of Catfish, where she met her Facebook friend Brandon. They had been inseparable for over three years, but doubts about Brandon’s identity led to the show’s intervention.

Brandon was proven to be real, and the couple began a long-distance relationship. They celebrated Easter together and made frequent trips to see each other, but eventually broke up after the show’s finale.

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