Is Noah Schnapp Dating Anyone? The 'Stranger Things' Star Reveals His Sexuality

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Is Noah Schnapp Dating Anyone? The ‘Stranger Things’ Star Reveals His Sexuality


Noah Schapp’s dating life has always been the most mysterious of all the cast members of Stranger Things.

Due to their closeness, fans have paired the 18-year-old actor with his co-star Millie Bobby Brown for years. Even Millie’s boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, was aware of their strong chemistry.

Millie told PEOPLE: “When we first met, Jake was like, ‘You guys are in love.'” However, it is in the most friendly manner. (However, Noah and Millie have stated that if they are not married by the age of 40, they will wed.)

Aside from the Millie and Noah shippers, the Stranger Things actress has (apparently) been unmarried since entering the public glare for the first time in 2016. While it is unknown if Noah is currently in a relationship, he just disclosed some significant information about his sexual orientation.

Noah Schnapp confirmed that Will Byers is gay and said it is 100% clear.

Is Noah Schnapp gay? True or Rumors

The Stranger Things star came out as homosexual on TikTok on January 5, 2023. The 18-year-old actor stated in the video, “When I finally informed my friends and family I was homosexual after being afraid to come out for 18 years, all they responded was ‘we know’.” Background music consisted of the viral song “It was never that serious.” The nicest part was Noah’s caption, however.


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He wrote, “I suppose I’m more similar to Will than I imagined.”

In Season 4 of Stranger Things, it is strongly indicated that Will Byers, portrayed by Noah, is homosexual. Especially towards the conclusion of the season, his affections for his closest buddy Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) are evident.

Will gives Mike a painting depicting their buddy group, of which he is the leader, and delivers an emotional speech about how Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) needs him more than ever in Volume 2.

However, it appears like Will is discussing himself when he grows upset, and his brother Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) uneasily stares at him in the rearview mirror.

“When you’re unique, you sometimes feel like an error,” he explains. “However, you make her feel as though she is not a mistake at all — as though she is better for being unique.”

Although it is never explicitly mentioned that Will Byers is gay, in a July 2022 interview with Variety, Noah validated the hypothesis.


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Noah said of Season 4: “Now that he’s older, they made it a very real, evident thing.” Now it is quite evident that he is gay and that he loves Mike.

The reaction to Noah’s coming out video could not have been more sincere. Thousands of fans, celebrities, and influentials have expressed their support by offering encouraging remarks.

(Even the Empire State Building participated!) Chris Olsen, a popular TikToker, was among the first to remark. “Welcome, king,” wrote the openly homosexual influencer.

As Noah stated, or as stated in Noah’s recording, coming out should not be “that serious.” However, this news is quite amazing, and we could not be happier for him. Congratulations!

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