How Much Money Does Justin Bieber Make From Social Media Like Instagram and Facebook?


How Much Money Does Justin Bieber Make From Social Media Like Instagram and Facebook?


How much money does Justin Bieber make from social media?

When Justin Bieber burst onto the pop scene at the young age of 13, he became an instant teen heartthrob and won over millions of fans all over the world. His smash hit song Baby put him in the spotlight, and fans couldn’t get enough of him. Since this moment in 2009, Bieber has reached record-breaking levels of success and gone on sold-out world tours, where he often performs in front of thousands of fans who are completely blown away by him.

As of this writing, he has had eight number-one singles, making him the youngest solo artist to reach 100 on the Hot 100. But it’s no secret that Bieber has also had a very public struggle with fame, even though many people didn’t know about it at the time. This led to a lot of backlash from the public.

He has since been able to get back on his feet and face his problems with the help of his wife, Hailey Bieber, whom he met when he was a teenager. In 2018, just four years ago, they finally got married.

How Much Does Justin Bieber Get Paid for Each Instagram Sponsored Post?

Despite being so young when he first appeared on the scene, Justin Bieber has left his stamp on the music business. He has amassed a legion of devoted Beliebers thanks to his eye-watering popularity, and many of them follow him on Instagram, where he currently has 255 million followers.


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It’s hardly surprising that the Biebs can demand high prices for sponsored Instagram posts given his vast audience of millions of admirers worldwide. But how much can he really charge for each sponsored Instagram post?

Justin Bieber is closely followed by Kendall Jenner as the twelfth highest-paid star on the site, according to Influencer Marketing Hub.

His projected range for the average cost of each sponsored Instagram post is between $469,820 and $783,033. Despite the fact that this may seem like a substantial sum, it might be justified because of his enormous fan base and widespread impact.

It goes without saying that the singer of What Do You Mean has millions of devoted admirers who are impacted by him every day, thus the name “influencers.”

Additionally, Bieber advertises his own businesses on social media, such as the clothing company Drew which he debuted in 2019. Considering that it is practically free advertising, this probably helps him increase his Instagram page’s earnings. However, it is unclear how much money he actually makes as a result of this. Fans will need to remain speculative on that one for the time being.

What Is Justin Bieber’s Net Worth and Salary?

Averaging an annual salary of almost $80 million, Justin Bieber has an astounding net worth of $285 million. He has had a very successful singing career and has become one of the most paid artists in the business, which has contributed significantly to his net worth.


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Over 150 million records have been sold globally, which has probably contributed to the Baby singer’s high net worth and will probably continue to do so. He reached the $200 million net worth milestone just five years after breaking through to stardom, which isn’t all that remarkable given his unrivaled popularity at the time.

In addition to booming record sales, Bieber also has access to a number of additional revenue sources. He has worked with various brands, with Calvin Klein being one of his most well-known. He also probably receives good pay for any sponsored posts he makes on his social media channels, where he may reach millions of admirers.

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His additional sources of income include his numerous, mostly profitable international tours, his real estate holdings, his clothing line Drew, streaming revenues, and the selling of his own perfumes. The singer’s $285 million net worth now is the result of all of these sources of revenue.

His wife Hailey Bieber has a $20 million overall net worth, much of which is the result of her modeling career and brand endorsements. She and Justin are now content in their Hollywood home.

How Much Do Other Celebrities Make On Instagram?

Who else could possibly be making more money on Instagram than Justin Bieber? As it turns out, quite a few superstars have managed to make more on Instagram than Justin Bieber.

Football player Cristiano Ronaldo takes the top slot, earning an astounding $880,259 to $1,000,000 every year, according to reports. He does, however, rank among the most well-liked football players in the world and has surpassed Justin Bieber in terms of Instagram followers with a whopping 477 million.

Kylie Jenner comes in second with earnings ranging from $673,528 to $1M per post. But Addison Rae, a popular TikTok user, also earns sizable money for each Instagram post, which supports her way of life.

Dwayne “the rock” Johnson, who also makes a sizable sum on the social media network, comes in fifth place.

Despite making such huge sums of money from these kinds of brand partnerships, celebrities typically have numerous other sources of income.

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