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Fans’ Responses to the Paparazzi Footage of Angus T. Jones Wearing Baggy Jeans While Running Errands Aren’t All the Same

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He disappeared from society after losing $20 million in his bank account. It’s clear that Angus T. Jones was successful with Two and a Half Men. But after the show ended, the young celebrity removed himself from the market.

Regarding his Hollywood career, not much has changed since then. It doesn’t seem like Jones would be interested in making a comeback, despite a brief recent appearance.

He continues to be photographed informally by paparazzi in the interim. Most recently, he was seen wearing baggy clothes while doing errands in Los Angeles. Many people reacted to the pictures. Upon viewing the photos, fans expressed both positivity and negativity. We’ll share the opinions of fans and the reasons behind some of them quitting the actor.

Fans were Incensed for Several Reasons When They Saw Photos of Angus T. Jones Running Errands in Los Angeles

Angus T. Jones

It’s no longer necessary for Angus T. Jones to work in Hollywood. He was the world’s highest paid child star at one point. For the actor, who voluntarily stepped away from the spotlight, things are entirely different these days. Fans and photographers alike continue to be intrigued by the former child star, even in spite of his lack of assignments in Hollywood. Fans, however, weren’t happy with the photos that were taken of Angus most recently. The actor was obviously not camera ready as he went about his business in Los Angeles.

Following the images, many expressed their hope for Jones to be granted privacy at this stage of his life. The comments with the highest likes said:

  • “Go away from the poor guy! Despite being pushed into Hollywood as a child, he avoided becoming an alcoholic or getting stoned like the others. And those people who are being horrible or body-shaming him, you really need counseling.”
  • “Trying to live a peaceful life…”

On the other hand, there were also disparaging remarks made about his appearance:

  • It’s unfortunate. He appears fifty, not thirty. I’m curious about his current line of work. Charlie Sheen’s off-screen shenanigans marred the otherwise excellent show.”
  • “Using up that dirty money. It’s uncool to disparage and criticize the hand that nourished him and keeps feeding him through syndication. Such hypocrites and ungrateful people.

The sad reality is that Angus’s appearance has garnered more media attention than anything else in recent years. There was, nevertheless, a prominent cameo that fans really enjoyed.

Chuck Lorre Praised Angus T. Jones for his Bookie Cameo, Saying that He Was a Natural Despite Missing a Lot of Time

Fans were surprised to see the reunion of Two and a Half Men. On Bookie, Chuck Lorre, Charlie Sheen, and Angus T. Jones are back together. The fact that Jones accepted his offer after such a lengthy absence delighted Lorre in especially.

“You want to come hang out for an afternoon and have some fun and do this?’ I asked Angus over the phone. And he was willing.”

Additionally, it was immediately apparent that Angus hadn’t missed a beat since. “His skills are equally amazing. After the show, he didn’t pursue acting further. However, he’s still naturally gifted,” said Lorre. He’s a great man. It is very remarkable. When we began our collaboration, he was eight years old. He’s a young boy, am I correct? Without thinking, but with eerie comic instincts. It simply came from his DNA.”

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