Dude Perfect Members Wife, Children, Net Worth and Releationships


Dude Perfect Members Wife, Children, Net Worth and Releationships


The YouTube sports show Dude Perfect is hosted by a group of friends. The group consists of former Texas A&M University roommates Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. Who do they spend the majority of their time with behind the scenes? We know and adore these men. Meet the spouses and children of the Dude Perfect men.

Dude Perfect is making a new headquarter in the new palace

Meet Coby Cotton

Coby Cotton is one minute older than his identical twin Cory. The native of Texas was born on July 17, 1987, making him 32 years old. He married Aubrey Ellet in 2017; they have been married since then. They are currently childless.

Meet Coby’s Wife Aubrey Ellett

Coby Cotton wife Aubrey Ellett has a blissful married life followed by an intimate wedding ceremony. Explore Coby Cotton wiki, … | Dude perfect, Celebs, Celebrities

Aubrey Ellet is the wife of Coby Cotton. The couple wed in December of 2017. In fact, the couple became engaged in August of that year and announced it across all social media platforms. They do not yet have children, but they will spend their entire lives together.

Meet Cory Cotton

Cory Cotton is Coby’s twin brother and is younger by one minute. Cory is married to Amy Cotton; the couple tied the knot in 2016. In 2018, he also welcomed a pair of twins, Crew and Collins. He currently resides with his family in Dallas.

Meet Cory’s Wife Amy Cotton


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Amy Cotton is their wife of Cory. The couple met at church in 2015 and wed in 2016. Her birthday is March 8, 1991. Amy is currently pregnant with a baby boy, who will be the younger brother of Crew and Collins Cotton, according to her Instagram.

Cory and Amy’s Twins Crew and Collins Cotton

Amy Cotton gave birth to fraternal twins Crew and Collins on November 30, 2018. The crew is a boy and Collins is a girl, as Cory discovered during a fantastic gender reveal episode of “The Dude Perfect Show” from last year.

Meet Garrett Hilbert

Garrett Hilbert is yet another member of “Dude Perfect” who is happily married and has his own family. He was born on 13 May 1987 and is married to Kristin Hilbert. They have three children together: Lincoln, Iris, and Owen.

Meet Garrett’s Wife Kristin Hilbert


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Kristin Hilbert is Garrett’s wife. She attended football games at Texas A&M University with her future husband while they were both in college. The couple was wed in 2011. Her very first Instagram post was a photo announcing her pregnancy with her first child, and the couple now has three children together.

Garrett and Kristin’s Son Owen Hilbert

Owen Hilbert is the oldest of the Hilbert family’s children. The date of his birthday was February 6, 2015. His father, Garrett, Instagrammed pictures of the family celebrating Owen’s birthday by jumping and eating donuts that spelled “Happy Birthday Owen.”

Garrett and Kristin’s Son Lincoln Hilbert

Lincoln James Hilbert was born on August 15, 2016, and his parent’s social media accounts announced his birth. His family resides in the Texas city of Frisco. He is the family’s middle child, between Owen and Iris. As he turns four years old this year, he is now slightly taller than he was in the photo.

Garrett and Kristin’s Daughter Iris Hilbert

Iris is the youngest Hilbert family member. She was born on 12 April 2018. She is the only child Kristin and Garrett have together. Her mother has a number of adorable photos of her toddler Iris posing with their large dog, indicating that she is a very content child.

Meet Tyler Toney

Tyler Toney is another original “Dude Perfect” series member. Even though he is the youngest member of the group, he is regarded as the leader. Born on March 24, 1989, he is presently married to Bethany Toney. Together, they have two children.

Meet Tyler’s Wife Bethany Toney


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Bethany Toney is their wife of Tyler. The couple has two children and two dogs named Sadie and Annie. She owns The Cookie Doe, a cookie company in Texas where she creates custom-made cookies. Additionally, they have an Instagram page where you can view samples of the various cookies she makes.

Tyler and Bethany’s Son Barrett Nathan Toney

Barrett Nathan Toney is the oldest child of Bethany and Tyler. His birthday is February 11, 2017. He recently turned three and appears to be a very entertaining child. His father has posted photos of him playing guitar on Instagram, and in previous years he has dressed as an elephant for Halloween.

Tyler and Bethany’s Son Colton James Toney

Colton James Toney is the youngest child in the family Toney. Colton was born in July of last year. Due to his young age, he has not yet made many appearances on his father’s YouTube videos, but the Dude Perfect Twitter account announced his birth alongside his parents, Tyler and Bethany.

Meet Cody Jones

Cody Jones, at 6’6″, is the tallest member of the “Dude Perfect” cast. His spouse is Allison Jones. He was born in Plano, Texas on October 9, 1987. His wife and he have two children, Landry and Lucy. He is also an avid hunter and is not vegan at all.

Meet Cody’s Wife Allison Jones


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Allison Jones is the wife of Cody from Dude Perfect. The couple wed in June of 2016. She is one of the few Dude Perfect wives who is not particularly social media savvy. She does appear to be a happy mother, as she constantly posts Instagram photos of her children and family.

Cody and Allison’s Daughter Landry Jones

Landry Jones is the oldest daughter of Allison and Cody. Her birth occurred in June of 2016. She dressed as Jessie from “Toy Story” for Halloween when her entire family celebrated at Walt Disney World dressed as Toy Story characters. She also appears to enjoy being a big sister, as she is frequently photographed hugging her younger sibling.

Cody and Allison’s Daughter Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones is the youngest child of Cody and Allison. She was born in July of 2018, so she will turn two later this year. She and her family dressed up as Forky, the spork from “Toy Story 4”, for Halloween. The couple announced her birth via Cody’s Twitter, which included a photo of him and the infant.

The Dude Perfect Show Moves to TV

The YouTube show Dude Perfect was so popular that it was transferred to television. They debuted their own show on CMT in September 2015, prior to the show’s transfer to Nickelodeon. The second season premiered on Nickelodeon on July 16, 2017, after the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards 2017 premiere. The program was renewed for a third season of 15 episodes on July 27, 2018, but it is currently unknown if it will be renewed for a fourth season.

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