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David Muir’s Absence From ABC Finally Revealed, Leaving Fans Thrilled

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David Muir has an impressive net worth considering his corpus of work throughout the years. Furthermore, Muir avoids controversy and keeps his romantic life very private. Although Muir has a social media account, he doesn’t use it very often.

But most recently, he did provide supporters with an important update. After Muir left World News Tonight without giving a reason, worries began to mount. Let’s examine Muir’s current location and the reactions of his fans.

Furthermore, we will rehash Muir’s last major interview with President Joe Biden prior to his vacation with the most influential man in the United States.

David Muir Has Now Informed His Fans on Social Media That He is Currently on Vacation

Whit Johnson was observed replacing David Muir on World News Tonight, the primetime news program. What happened was not made very clear to the fans. David Muir finally broke his social media silence on July 4th, telling supporters he was doing good and taking advantage of some much-needed vacation time. Considering his schedule, Muir is definitely worthy.

On Instagram, he shared.

Support for the journalist’s vacation time was overwhelming, with over 619K followers.

Followers wrote:

  • “You merit some time off. My all-time fave anchorperson ever!I’m wishing you and your group the very best!”
  • “A well-earned getaway. Fantastic picture.”
  • “Go, David! Well-earned rest and relaxation.

Although Muir hasn’t posted much on social media, it’s clear that the writer enjoys traveling.

Supporters are merely happy that the host is having a nice, leisurely time.

David Muir’s Interview With President Joe Biden Made Headlines Even Before He Took His Vacation

David Muir interview with Joe Biden

Muir was the topic of politics before his break, thanks to his interview with President Joe Biden. Biden assured Muir that US forces would not attack Moscow.

Biden stated, “They are permitted for use near the border when employed on the other side to target specific locations in Ukraine.”

“We are not sanctioning attacks 200 miles into Russia, nor are we authorizing strikes on Moscow or the Kremlin.”

What other questions did David Muir have for Joe Biden?

  • In response to Putin’s remarks made the previous night that “the supply of high-precision weapons to Ukraine for strikes on Russian territory is direct participation in this war,” Muir questioned Biden about his concerns.
  • “I’ve known him for over 40 years,” Biden retorted. He has worried me for forty years. According to Biden, he is not a decent man. “As a despot, he is fighting to maintain the unity of his nation while continuing this onslaught.
  • He stated, “We’re not discussing arming them to attack Moscow or the Kremlin, but rather to defend themselves just across the border, where they are under heavy fire from conventional Russian weapons targeting Ukraine to kill Ukrainians.”

As the election draws near, supporters should anticipate much more from Muir.

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