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Austin Butler Is in “Pole Position” to Receive a Lead Offer for the Upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” Film

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Regarding long-running rumors linking him to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Austin Butler has been evasive, but insiders believe it’s now inevitable since he’s in the lead to be named the new Johnny Depp. He’ll become really wealthy doing this!

According to an exclusive studio insider who spoke with Life & Style, “Disney was looking at two options for bringing back the Pirates movies: handing over the franchise to Margot Robbie and hoping the Barbie lightning strikes twice with a one-off female-skewing story, or bringing back Johnny Depp for a sixth go at Jack Sparrow, which would be expensive and risky.”

“Even though Johnny still has supporters within the franchise, making that version would play like a franchise finale, considering his age and polarizing reputation.”

“The timing of Austin Butler and his team’s interest in the franchise is perfect, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Margot’s story or even a comeback for Johnny,” the source continues. Austin has the ability to really inhabit a role, which makes him appealing. He could produce something just as memorable as Johnny’s effort on the first movie 21 years ago. He has also demonstrated his abilities with dialects, action, and even strange comedy.

For his performance of Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s 2022 biographical drama Elvis, Austin, 32, received praise from critics. His career has taken off since then, as seen by his parts in Dune: Part Two and The Bikeriders. Is Pirates the next big thing to add to his already great resume?

“Unlike Margot and Johnny, you can easily imagine making three movies with Austin because he’s young, fit, and isn’t heavily tied to another franchise at a rival studio like Margot is,” the insider says. “There’s still no script, and Austin doesn’t sign up for a movie without seeing what the story is going to be.” “Assuming scheduling permits, there’s no reason Margot and Johnny can’t be invited to the celebration and make some unexpected appearances or cameos; they just need to get the script right.”

Austin acknowledged last month that he has long been a fan of the Pirates franchise in response to casting speculations.

In a June 10 interview with Entertainment Tonight, he said, “That just reminded me of when I was a kid.” “We had to create these posters in primary school that featured your favorite actors or songs. And Pirates of the Caribbean was on there at the time—I’m not sure what grade it was, it might have been third or fourth grade or something.”

The next entry in the franchise’s story has not yet had any formal details made available to the public.

According to the source, “But what the studio really wants is a new, fresh star who will dedicate years of his life to creating a new series of POTC films, and they’ll pay him handsomely for his services.” “By the end of next year, we want to have something ready for filming, and in 2027, we want to release the reboot.”

Though it will be a while, development has started, and Austin is in the running to be given the lead role provided the screenplay is strong enough.

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