Are Zach and Bliss Still Together


Are Zach and Bliss Still Together or Did They Break Up?

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Season 4 of the Netflix sensation brings the first re-coupling, just when you thought you’d seen it all in terms of relationship dynamics resulting from the Love Is Blind social experiment, including dramatic love triangles, enormous real-world problems, and sweet meant-to-be couples. In the pods, Zack Goytowski develops feelings for both Bliss Poureetezadi and Irina Solomanova. However, once he selects Irina, their honeymoon in Mexico is anything but romantic. They break up in Mexico, but when Zack returns to Seattle, he and Bliss decide to try their relationship again.

Find out if Zack and Bliss break up at the end of the season and if they remain together in real life.

Who is Zach?

Zack, a participant from Season 4, loves working out. He is a 31-year-old lawyer and Jiu-Jitsu and calisthenics enthusiast. Zack’s legal career has taken him from high-profile trials to helping those in need for free.

Zack has several interests outside of fitness, but eating out is one of his favorites. His Instagram feed does not indicate his dating history.

Are Zach and Bliss Still Together

According to his Netflix Bio-

“Zack’s “high standards” have been the biggest obstacle in his dating life. With two years under his belt as a single guy, he’s seeking an intellectual connection with a “type A, introverted and bookish” person who can match his “driven” personality.”

Zack has let it slip that steak and a kind gesture are the keys to his heart before the premiere of the new Netflix show. Zack’s social media presence consists of a little over 600 Instagram followers. That figure, though, is expected to rise after the show’s premiere.

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In 2021, he proudly earned his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt. A recent Instagram post of his confirmed that this would appear in the upcoming fourth season of the hit Netflix series.

Who is Bliss?

Bliss told Zack on Love Is Blind that she is extremely educated because her family has a “long line of teachers.” Bliss’s mother, sister, grandmother, and aunt are all educators, but she told Zack she is a fisherwoman instead. Bliss shared that while having worked in cybersecurity for some time, she originally majored in biology. RocketReach claims that Bliss is originally from the District of Columbia and holds a BS in computer science from Gonzaga University. She also finished the Running Start Program for the Associate of Arts at South Puget Sound Community College.

Are Zach and Bliss Still Together

Formerly employed as the Quality Control Lead Analyst at Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Bliss moved on to BioControl Systems, where she now serves as the Technical Services Specialist Program Manager. Before becoming Nayamode’s Sales Operation Lead, Bliss held the position of Program Manager at Microsoft. At the moment, she is working as a Senior Program Manager at Disney. Bliss can now add “reality TV star” to her list of accomplishments after her recent appearance on Love Is Blind.

Are Zach and Bliss Still Together?

Zack and Bliss are no longer together, unfortunately. Zack and Bliss hit it off in the pods, but Zack ended up proposing to Irina instead of Bliss, leaving Bliss devastated. Zack and Irina became engaged, but their relationship did not last through their trip to Mexico.

Despite the tragedy, Bliss found love again, although she may have found it with another cast member. In the meantime, little is known about Zack’s love life after the events of Love Is Blind. Some viewers may have hoped Zack and Bliss would get back together, but it appears that they have both moved on and are focusing on their individual goals.

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It’s important to remember that the strong feelings shared on Love Is Blind can work both ways. While it’s wonderful that the show has helped some couples discover true love and happiness, it has also put a lot of strain on partnerships that weren’t prepared for it. Viewers all across the world were gripped by Zack and Bliss’s strong emotional rollercoaster throughout Love Is Blind, even if it ultimately took them in different directions.

In Season 4 of “Love is Blind,” What Happened Between Zack and Bliss?

The 31-year-old criminal defense attorney Zack and the 33-year-old senior program manager Bliss hit it off immediately in the pods and appear to be a perfect match. Their shared love of owls and appreciation for Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” make them memorable to one another. When Zack tells Bliss about his hardscrabble childhood with his mother, the two share a touching moment of mutual understanding and support.

It’s a tad awkward in the ladies’ quarters when it’s revealed that both business owners Irina and Bliss are completely on board with Zack. Irina asks Bliss for a candle from the cupcakes she’s baking for Zack’s birthday, then apologizes to him for forgetting his actual birthday. Bliss tells Zack that she dislikes Irina but that she can appreciate that he sees another side of her. Zack ultimately chooses Irina over Bliss, citing his faith in her as the reason for his decision to leave their relationship.

Are Zach and Bliss Still Together

After Zack makes a musical proposal, Irina and he finally meet, but she isn’t enthusiastic about the idea. Despite Zack’s best efforts, Irina remains guarded during the duration of their journey to Mexico. On the final evening, Zack and Irina split up because she convinced Zack that he made a mistake by choosing her over Bliss.
Zack apologizes to Bliss the second time they see each other, in a Seattle restaurant. “I made a poor decision. You can bet I did, and I still do. You are the one I’ve been trying to find “His words to Bliss. Despite her initial skepticism, Bliss gives Zack a second opportunity and admits in a journal entry that the two of them are “bringing all the feels back.” Zack eventually proposes to Bliss on a boat date two weeks before the Love Is Blind wedding days, and she accepts.

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Despite Bliss’s concerns that she was Zack’s second choice, the couple soon starts the LIB process by moving in together. They’re able to work things out with each other and made their first public appearance as a couple at Chelsea’s birthday bash. The second cliffhanger leaves the couple at this point, but previews for the rest of the season suggest that Bliss and Zack do indeed make it to the altar—though whether or not they get married remains to be seen.


Love Is Blind season 4 features Zack Goytowski, a 31-year-old lawyer, and Bliss Poureetezadi, an educated fisherwoman. They hit it off in the pods, but Zack proposed to Irina instead of Bliss. Bliss found love with another cast member, but Zack proposed to her on a boat date two weeks before the Love Is Blind wedding days. They moved in together and appeared as a couple at Chelsea’s birthday party. Previews suggest they make it to the altar.

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