Are Nicole and Bobby Still together


Are Nicole and Bobby Still Together From RHONJ?

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Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey takes us into the lives of powerful women in New Jersey as they squabble, create interpersonal drama, and occasionally flaunt their wealthy lifestyles as they go about their personal and professional lives.

Season 6 of the reality show featured Nicole Napolitano and Bobby Ciasulli. Although they weren’t flawless, their friendship caught viewers’ interest and garnered them a large following.

Fans are still curious about where they stand and if they’re still dating, years after their debut on the show. So let’s see how their partnership has fared in the face of issues, disputes, accusations, and drama!

Are Nicole and Bobby Still Together?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Nicole and Bobby are not together. They appear to have broken up following their time on the show, though the reasons for their split are unknown, and neither Nicole nor Bobby have publicly addressed anything. Bobby was last seen with Jill Nicolini, an anchor and reporter for PIX11 News in New York City, in 2020.

Those who know Bobby are aware that he sparked some controversy when he published a video labeled “TRUTH VIDEO.” The hour-long film essentially illustrates Bobby’s distaste for being on RHONJ. He also devotes a significant amount of time to reacting to claims made by co-star Jim Marchese. He alleges Jim and his wife Amber purposefully created conflict on the show in order to become the “villains” that season.

Are Nicole and Bobby Still together

You may recall Amber calling Nicole out because she brought friends to Nicole’s party despite reportedly saying it was fine.

Bobby also mentioned that he never talked about his family company (which we’ll get to in a second) because his family wasn’t supportive of him even being on the program, and he denied dating Nicole in order to get cast on RHONJ. They must have met at a Dunkin’ Donuts.

What Happened to Bobby and Nicole?

While Bobby and Nicole are no longer together, the reasons for their divorce are unknown. However, Bobby was supposedly cheating on Nicole, which was a recurring theme on the show. Bobby was apparently dating Jill Nicolini following his divorce from Nicole. Jill is said to be an anchor and reporter.

Following Jim Marchese’s accusation of Nicole Napolitano’s boyfriend, Bobby Ciasulli, viewers observed some booking drama. Bobby, according to Jim, was dating another lady behind Nicole’s back.

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The drama intensified as Nicooe quickly defended her former boyfriend, rejecting the claims and claiming that Bobby had been loyal to her after all. When Jim claimed that Bobby had also badmouthed Nicole’s family, Nicole responded that she did not believe Bobby would say anything about her family, while also noting that it was not fair that Bobby was not present to defend himself.

Nicole and Bobby’s Journey on Real Housewives of New Jersey

Nicole and her twin sister Teresa Aprea appeared on the show in support of their friend Teresa Giudice, who was fighting a public court battle. Bobby worked as a car salesman and volunteered as a firefighter at the time, while Nicole was pursuing business endeavors while raising two children.

The pair planned to organize a “First Responders” costume party, which turned sour when Nicole confronted Amber Marchese and questioned her about the accusations she was circulating about her tearing apart a marriage.

Are Nicole and Bobby Still together

After the party, the group got into a major argument, and Nicole decided it was a good opportunity to seek clarification regarding Bobby’s loyalty in the midst of the mayhem. Later, when one of Bobby’s long-time friends (Jim) went on a rant about his relationship with Nicole, Bobby stood by her.

As their first anniversary approached, the couple went out to supper with Nicole’s family to celebrate Valentine’s Day. During the gathering, he was quizzed about his commitment to Nicole and his long-term plans with her.

He acknowledged that he was unable to express himself throughout this chat. After that, everything became toxic when Amber insulted Bobby via text while fighting with his girlfriend in person. During a disastrous trip to Florida, Jim accused him of cheating and badmouthing Nicole’s family. She was defending her partner, but he had locked himself in an upstairs bathroom.

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The situation had spiraled out of hand, with accusations flying everywhere, and the gang was on the verge of resorting to physical violence. During the show, Nicole and Bobby had a rocky ride.

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