are Celia and Miguel still together


Are the Winners Celia and Miguel Still Together From Love Island?

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Isolated from the rest of the world for six weeks, a group of single men and women embark on a frenetic journey to discover true love on ‘Love Island Spain.’ This dating show, a spin-off of the original series, explores the turmoil and heartbreak that individuals face in their pursuit of love.

With obstacles, interpersonal snafus, and surprises around every curve, singles struggle to discover love and create lasting memories with the perfect partner. Celia and Miguel are two people whose love and adventure on the show have captivated many viewers. Naturally, people have continued to speculate about the couple since their appearance on the show.

Are Miguel and Celia Still Together?

Celia and Miguel had grown exceptionally close during their time on the show, laying their hearts exposed in the tropical paradise. The couple walked away with promises of eternity and have since matured as a couple and stayed enamored by one another.

Miguel and Celia began making plans for their future together after leaving the ‘Love Island’ mansion. Since then, the two have been an essential part of each other’s lives.

are Celia and Miguel still together

Miguel and Celia enjoy traveling as well as going on dates and having new experiences. Their wanderlust has taken them to a variety of destinations. After their stay on reality television ended, the pair traveled to other exotic locales to enjoy the joys of their newfound love together.

The pair just celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary. While their time on the show earned them love, it also allowed them to expand their professional network. Miguel, a talented electrician, is now also a digital designer. With an ever-changing social media following, the television personality continues to use social media to exhibit his shooting and editing skills.

He also updates fans on his newest travels throughout Europe via social media. Similarly, Celia has risen through the ranks. The registered nurse is now also an internet creator. She is always honing her skills, from promoting tried-and-true brands to attending premieres.

During their time on the show, the two expressed a wish to start a family together. While the pair has not made public their future intentions, we continue to look forward to all of the professional and personal triumphs they will achieve in the future!

Celia and Miguel’s Love Island Spain Journey

Celia Zanon and Miguel Lopez arrived in the tropical paradise on day one, both hoping for love. Celia, 26, was a nurse who had yet to discover someone with whom she might build a future.

Similarly, Miguel, 24, had dabbled in the dating world but had yet to find someone with whom he could go on a life-long journey. Sparks flew as the pair caught eyes at the first coupling. Celia and Miguel began the adventure of their ever-evolving relationship on the show after teaming up on Day 1.

Celia made it clear early on that, while she is coming to trust Miguel, she still wants to take things slowly. Slowly, the pair gained one another’s trust and grew closer as they revealed their history, future, and hopes for life.

Their relationship, however, had its ups and downs. In addition to becoming entangled in the drama with other members of the house, their bond was put to the test once more when Adonis and Angel were introduced to the villa members.

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The two single men chose Celia for a single date just days before the final. Miguel took a similar detour when he went on two dates with Marina and Cynthia to explore a potential relationship.

Despite this, Celia and Miguel chose each other in the final pairing and entered the finals hand in hand. Their love and affection for each other not only won them a relationship but also a cash prize of 25,000 euros.

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