Are Micah and Paul Still Dating


Are Micah and Paul Still Dating in 2023? Micah and Paul’s Relationship Update!

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Predicting which couples will make it to the altar and whether or not they will say “I do” is half the pleasure of Love Is Blind. Micah Lussier and Paul Peden are still together as of the premiere of the first five episodes of Season 4 of Love Are Blind last Friday.

There is hope for the 27-year-old marketing manager and the 29-year-old environmental scientist despite the many challenges they endure during their time in the pods and on their Mexico vacation. Find out if Paul and Micah are still together or not by reading on.

Who is Micah from Love Is Blind season 4?

Micah Lussier is a marketing manager at the age of 27 and he lives in the Seattle area of Washington. Micah.  Lussier is her handle on Instagram.

“Surprise supriseeeee 👏🏼 Excited to FINALLY share that I’m part of the Season 4 cast of @loveisblindnetflix! Can’t wait for you all to see where my journey to find love takes me when Love is Blind premieres on March 24th,” Can’t wait for you all to see where my journey to find love takes me when Love is Blind premieres on March 24th.”

Are Micah and Paul Still Dating

Micah has a Linkedin profile that boasts her 2018 Washington State University graduate with a BA in Strategic Communications. She was a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and had minors in business, public relations, advertising, and applied communication.

Micah was a Marketing Campaign Manager at Salesforce at the time of the season 4 premiere of Love Is Blind. She managed marketing campaigns at Tonkean, CBS Nuggets, and Avalara before joining Salesforce. Micah is a “passionate marketing manager of value-driven programs fueling global growth and competitive advantage,” as his Linkedin bio states.

Able to manage complicated roadmaps and priorities while being flexible and responding to change to optimize value given; adept at mentoring team members, driving strategy, and executing program ideas from start to finish.

She went on to say, “Familiar in working with teams of diverse backgrounds; aligning closely with Product Owners and Stakeholders to establish/maintain product backlogs, breaking out investable stories, and road mapping these PBIs into sprints based on data-driven business prioritization.”

Expertise in analyzing and adjusting team processes in response to team input to boost operational efficiencies and the team’s capacity to produce value incrementally. Superb abilities in coordinating with others and managing one’s time.

Who is Paul?

Who is Paul in the fourth season of Love Is Blind? Originally from the Seattle, Washington area, Paul Peden is now a 29-year-old environmental scientist. You may find him on Instagram at @paulpeden. His Instagram bio at the time Love Is Blind Season 4 premiered stated, “Amor Fati.” Under the handle @paulpremium, Paul documents the meals he prepares at home and those he enjoys at restaurants through images and videos.

Are Micah and Paul Still Dating

“Can I borrow a Netflix password for March 24th from anyone?” In March of 2023, Paul announced on Instagram that he would be appearing in Love Is Blind, season 4. Paul revealed the secret to his heart in a March 2023 video revealing the Love Is Blind season 4 cast.

Are Micah and Paul Still Dating?

There are very few hints as to the whereabouts of the pair at the present. For starters, Micah and Paul are both Instagram followers of each other and have liked the majority of each other’s recent posts.

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This indicates that, at the very least, they left the program on amicable terms. Between November 2021 and March 2023, Micah submitted several (beautiful) pictures of his solo travels, but Paul didn’t post anything to his profile at all.

What happens between Micah and Paul in ‘Love is Blind’ season 4?

Micah and Paul experience what he calls a “slow burn” during their time in the pods. Micah is initially interested in the combat attendant, Amber, while Paul is initially drawn to the sales development manager, Kwame.

In the pods, Paul and Micah share some tender moments, such as when Micah tells Paul that he shares a name with her father and when Paul jokes that they will go to Positano for their honeymoon because they both love Italy so much.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Micah reveals that she enjoys imagining her life as a love story, and Paul exclaims that they are “literally on the same page” and that he is “so attracted to that.”

Are Micah and Paul Still Dating

Micah and Paul chose to put their attention only on their relationship, which resulted in heartbreak when they broke up with their other dates and awful mean-girl moments among the female cast members in the ladies’ room. After Paul and Micah decided to commit to each other, they got engaged and seemed to have a natural rapport with one another.

The couple became even closer over their dates and their first night sharing a hotel in Mexico. Another hitch arose when the cast reunited in Mexico, as Micah and Kwame had a bit of a fling during a pool party. (What is it with Love Is Blind and dramatic pool parties?) After the celebration, the two had a long, intimate talk off to the side, which understandably disturbed Kwame’s fiancee, Chelsea.

Micah then requests tequila shots from Kwame and toasts, “a shot for a failed proposal,” which is hurtful to Kwame. (Before they broke up in the pods, he had promised her that he would pop the question sooner rather than later.) Despite this, Paul and Irina appear to be growing closer, with her interest in him becoming increasingly apparent. Like Zach’s mistake in picking Irina over Bliss, Paul questioned aloud to Zack if he had done the same thing in picking Micah over Amber.

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The final day of Paul and Micah’s trip to Mexico is spent on an ATV ride, which is unpleasant to watch (though it may simply be lingering unease from the pool party, as Micah and Paul kiss during the date). In the upcoming episodes, the couple will go back to their regular lives together, and judging by the previews for the rest of the season, they will end up getting married. What occurs in the interim is something we’ll have to wait and see.


Micah Lussier and Paul Peden are a couple on Love Is Blind Season 4. Micah is a 27-year-old marketing manager from Seattle, while Paul is a 29-year-old environmental scientist. They initially had an interest in other people but eventually became engaged and grew closer over dates and a trip to Mexico. Despite a rough ATV ride, they left the program on good terms, as evidenced by their interactions on social media.

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