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’16 And Pregnant’s Whitney Purvis Witnessed A Bad Turn in Her Life Following The End of The Show

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The fan base for 16 & Pregnant and its spin-off, Teen Mom, has been incredibly loyal since the shows became popular. Fans of the franchise are interested in Amber Portwood’s past relationships, especially the reason for her ex-fiance’s disappearance and the breakup of their engagement.

In a similar vein, even after 16 & Pregnant concluded in 2021, some series devotees still harbor affections for Whitney Purvis. In light of this, many fans of 16 & Pregnant would probably be disappointed to hear of the detrimental changes Whitney’s life has undergone after the show’s conclusion.

Whitney Purvis From ’16 & Pregnant’ Has Encountered Significant Legal Issues

A plethora of pregnant minors were first exposed to MTV’s audience in 2009, 2014, and 2020. During the course of the six seasons of 16 & Pregnant, numerous young individuals experiencing significant life transitions were captured on camera and shown to the global audience.

In a perfect world, each and every cast member of 16 & Pregnant would have found happiness. But the sad truth is that a lot of the celebrities who appeared on 16 & Pregnant actually went through some difficult times.

Indeed, a number of the individuals highlighted on 16 & Pregnant have faced difficulties after the show’s cancellation in 2020. Unfortunately, Whitney is one of the unfortunate examples of a former 16 & Pregnant celebrity who has suffered, as she has run into significant problems.

Whitney’s life took a very bad turn in July, which she should be able to overcome. As per an article published in the U.S. Sun, Whitney was arrested and given a prison sentence.

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The U.S. Sun reports that Whitney received a two-day prison sentence in early July 2024. According to court filings, the article detailed the events that resulted in Whitney’s arrest and the order that she serve time in prison.

The U.S. Sun reported that Whitney lost custody of her two children in 2022. Weston Gosa, Whitney’s ex-boyfriend, was granted custody of the two kids they had together. Whitney has only been allowed weekend visits since then.

Whitney was mandated to pay $353 per month in child support, with Weston receiving primary care of their children. Whitney was compelled to spend two days in prison, nevertheless, since she neglected to pay the child support she owed.

Whitney was also mandated by the court to pay $373 a month following her release. That sum might be divided into the $353 she due each month that was already ordered plus an extra $20 to make up for her late payments. Once Whitney’s $20 payments total more than the amount she owes, her payments will presumably drop.

Whitney, regrettably, had experienced significant difficulties before the conclusion of 16 & Pregnant, as 2024 was not the first time.

The U.S. Sun released a piece in January 2022 examining how toxic Whitney and Weston’s relationship had grown. The website revealed that Purvis was detained in 2021 for allegedly making “terrorist threats” after obtaining access to more court records.

The outlet claims that Weston and their kids were also given a temporary protection order against Whitney. Following an alleged sequence of circumstances that sounded extremely concerning, that order was granted.

Weston claims he found out Whitney was not using a car seat when she was driving one of their kids. According to court records, Weston testified that prior to the couple’s argument, he offered to purchase Whitney a car seat to use. It’s said that things spiraled out of control from there.

The U.S. Sun claims that Weston is wed to a different woman. Whitney allegedly raised a commotion when she showed up at Weston’s wife’s place of employment. Whitney was “asked to leave by a manager” because she was allegedly “being belligerent”.

Whitney is then said to have gone to Weston’s house and threatened to kill him. Whitney allegedly threatened to declare Weston a “widow” as well, implying that she was endangering his wife’s life.

n addition, further claimed actions of Whitney that resulted in her detention for making “terrorist threats” were disclosed in the U.S. Sun report.

The outlet reported that Whitney sent Weston numerous threatening texts, according to court filings. The most prominent texts that Whitney is accused of sending featured explicit threats to Weston’s life.

Whitney was at the time freed on a $5,000 bond following her arrest.

Before ’16 & Pregnant’ Was Canceled, Whitney Purvis Was Involved in Legal Issues Multiple Times

Whitney Purvis’s arrests since the conclusion of 16 & Pregnant suggested that her legal issues were centered around her relationship with her former partner. But based on what TMZ has revealed regarding Whitney’s lengthy history of legal issues, it appears that her problems go beyond that.

According to TMZ, Whitney was arrested for the first time in 2012. Whitney was detained at that time, the outlet claims, for stealing a pregnancy test from Walmart and using it inside the establishment.

According to TMZ, Whitney and her children’s father were both arrested later that year. According to the site, Whitney and Weston were charged with breaking into someone’s laptop and cell phone.

TMZ claims that Whitney was detained once more in 2015. After a fight with Weston at the time, Whitney was taken into custody. TMZ claims that Whitney hurled a wheel through one of Weston’s windows.

Whitney is accused of using a metal broom handle to strike Weston in the side and leg after breaking into the house. Whitney was consequently taken into custody on charges of misdemeanor trespassing and aggravated violence, as reported by TMZ.


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