The Great season 4 release date


Will There Be a Season 4 of the Great? Everything We Know!

Mai K. Sosa

The Hulu original series The Great transformed the real-life history of Russia’s monarchy into a clever black comedy, but will there be a fourth season?

Starting in 2020, the show is already getting great reviews and tells the story of how Catherine the Great became Empress of Russia and how her relationship with her husband, Peter III, was strained. The Great is frequently acclaimed for its smart writing and superb acting. It shows history as a spectacle and frequently plays fast and loose with accuracy.

Nonetheless, the show’s humor has always been its most powerful weapon, and it depicts Catherine the Great as she has never been seen before. Will she return for a fourth season? When will it be released? Here’s everything we know about The Great Season 4’s release date and when it will be available.

The Great Season 4 Renewal Status

The latest news about The Great Season 4 is both shocking and depressing. After three seasons, Hulu has decided to cancel the show. That means that Elle Fanning’s character’s story is over.

Several things are likely to have played a role in the decision, such as the fact that Elle Fanning’s star is rising in Hollywood and that she has already been blocked from at least one blockbuster part because of her commitments to the show and her schedule. That could have made it hard to keep her for future seasons.

Fans will be very upset by the decision to end the show, especially since there is still a lot more to tell. At least it will have ended on a high note, with a pretty clear conclusion.

What Could be the Release Date for The Great Season 4?

Unlike network series, which have a stricter yearly timetable, streaming shows like The Great have the luxury of prolonging their productions in order to improve the quality, but this may mean season 4 takes longer to appear.

The Great season 4 release date

Based on prior seasons’ production schedules, The Great Season 4 is highly unlikely to appear at the same time as Season 3. Instead, it is more likely that the release will be similar to season 2, which debuted more than a year after season 1.

Based on that projection, The Great Season 4 may premiere in late 2024 if it gets picked up by another network.

What Would Happen in The Great Season 4?

The plot of The Great Season 4 would have centered on Catherine adjusting to life after her husband Peter’s death, as well as how she established her legacy as one of history’s great monarchs.

The Great season 4 release date

Anyone who understands the historical biography of Catherine the Great would know that her life altered drastically after her husband died, allowing her to lead more effectively and focus on her passions.

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Of course, given The Great’s penchant for deviating from the truth, there would have been plenty of unforeseen twists.

Is There a Trailer for The Great Season 4?

There is no trailer for The Great Season 4, and there won’t be one unless the show is brought back from its cancellation. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 3 below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Season 4 of The Great?

The Great Season 4 isn’t going to happen anymore, but when it did, all of the shows would have dropped at once on Hulu.

How Many Episodes Will the Great Season 4 Have?

The fourth season of The Great was supposed to have 10 episodes, just like the previous three seasons.

Who Would Not Have Been in the Great Season 4 Cast?

Nicholas Hoult and Sacha Dhawan would have been missed from the cast of The Great season 4 as Peter (and Pugachev) and Orlo, respectively.

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