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The Reasons Behind Beverly Hills Cop III’s Low Ranking In The Franchise

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Axel F makes fun of Beverly Hills Cop III in 2024’s Beverly Hills Cop, but what went wrong in the third installment of Eddie Murphy’s trilogy? The third Beverly Hills movie, which came out in 1994, is regarded as the least strong in the series; Eddie even referred to it as “garbage.”

The original plan for Beverly Hills Cop III was to expand the police franchise internationally while bringing something fresh to the film series. Due to financial constraints, Paramount chose to send Eddie’s Axel back to a Beverly Hills theme park to take down a counterfeiting ring instead of sending him to London or Japan.

Eddie Murphy’s career was already at a low position when Beverly Hills Cop III was launched; it got bad reviews and made less money than half as much as its predecessor, which came out seven years earlier. Why, therefore, is Beverly Hills Cop III regarded as the least successful film in the trilogy—even by its main star?

Beverly Hills Cop III: What Went Wrong?

The lowest-rated film in the franchise, Beverly Hills Cop III (1994), received a dismal 11% on Rotten Tomatoes. By contrast, the original Beverly Hills Cop scored an astounding 83% on the Certified Fresh scale.

Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, a formidable production team, produced the first two Beverly Hills Cop films. However, during the arduous and protracted creation of the threequel, the two would subsequently break away from Paramount.

Mace Neufeld and Robert Rehme, the film’s new producers, were obliged to alter the script due to an excessive budget they inherited. A decrease in action scenes and locales was one of these modifications.

Eddie Murphy has acknowledged that Beverly Hills Cop III lacked a few crucial components that contributed to the success of the prior two films. The Coming to America actor believes that the film’s poor villain and Sergeant John Taggart’s (John Ashton) absence are the main reasons for its failure.

“Bellingham Hills Cop III was a soft film since Axel had no stake in the outcome, the enemy wasn’t evil enough, and Taggart wasn’t present. Axel’s best friend is slain in the first film. Additionally, the Chief, the second person, is killed. Then Uncle Dave finds himself in difficulty in the third one. That is the subject of the film.”

Even though Sgt. Taggert, played by John Ashton, was merely a supporting role in the Beverly Hills Cop series, Eddie believes his absence is what caused everything to go so wrong. It is revealed that Taggert is retired in Beverly Hills Cop III.

When Eddie Murphy was writing the third sequel, he was even aware that the movie wasn’t doing well since the script was full of cliches that had become old.

“When a movie has a line that you’ve seen millions of times and has been used in hundreds of thousands of movies, you can tell it’s not going to succeed. In one scenario, Uncle Dave was dying and I was with him in the rear. I said, “Don’t you die on me, man,” as I was driving.

How many times have you watched a movie using that? “Don’t you die on me!” is said to a dying person. Should you find yourself in a movie and yell, “Don’t you die on me,” it’s likely not going to be a success. [Giggles]”

The Reason Eddie Murphy Was Not Interested in a Beverly Hills Police III

Beverly Hills Cop III Flop

Eddie Murphy called Beverly Hills Cop II “mediocre” and said he only made Beverly Hills Cop III for the money in an honest 1989 Rolling Stone interview.

Eddie Murphy acknowledged that “the third movie was soft” and said he wouldn’t do another Beverly Hills Cop movie unless the legendary actor believed it was proper.

After we completed the third one, I decided that I wouldn’t perform another one until it was appropriate. Unless everything is well-documented and feels right. Furthermore, if you can convince me that a sequel to any film is necessary, I’m always up for it.

I was game, but the scripts kept falling short of expectations and becoming a mess, so I wasn’t interested in writing any more of them. Thus, we did nothing but wait. And it required thirty years to perfect it.

Did Axel F, the Beverly Hills Cop, Make Up for Beverly Hills Cop III?

In Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’s, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Detective Abbott, who is romantically involved with Jane (Taylour Paige), Alex Foley’s daughter. During their initial encounter, Abbott brings up Axel’s past trips to Beverly Hills and describes his mishap at Wonder World as “Not your finest hour.”

Axel Foley makes a welcome comeback in the nostalgic flick, which has a mediocre 66% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While this picture isn’t quite as awful as Beverly Hills Cop III, it still lacks the joy and vigor of the first two movies, according to Robert Daniels of The New York Times. It’s an aimless, clumsy action comedy with not many standout scenes.

The film’s producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, who worked on the first two, never saw Beverly Hills Cop III. Although neither of them feels they have missed out on anything, the director of Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F acknowledges he has never seen the third installment.

“There’s been so much history with this franchise, but I never actually saw Beverly Hills Cop III,” Molloy stated. Neither Jerry nor I have ever seen it. I told Jerry that I hadn’t seen Beverly Hills Cop III when I first walked in. “I didn’t do it, so you don’t need to see it,” he said. And I thought, “All right, cool, Jerry.” Then, I’m going to let it go.”

Eddie Murphy, who starred in Shrek, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, and Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop, has disclosed that he is now working on Beverly Hills Cop 5, and he would happily return for the fifth movie in the franchise if the fourth one goes well.

“I believe that until the day I die, I will continue to be innovative…Given how well this movie came out, I really hope so.”

If you grew up watching the movie, you’ll absolutely love this new film.


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