Sukisuki Wanwan Series Release Date

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Sukisuki Wanwan Series Release Date: is Yuta Kishi Star in Sukisuki Wanwan?


Sukisuki Wanwan Series Release Date: Kotaro Yuki is a 26-year-old man. When he was young, he was very serious about playing baseball. Since then, he hasn’t done anything else with his best effort. Since he quit his job, he does nothing with his days. He lives in a house that was left to him by his parents. One day, Kotaro Yuki sees a strange man for the first time. The man says that he used to be Kotaro Yuki’s pet dog Ten. Kotaro Yuki did have a dog named Ten when he was a child. The strange man then starts to scare Kotaro Yuki. He understands things that only his dog Ten would understand. Kotaro Yuki starts to wonder if the man might be Ten.

Release date of Sukisuki Wanwan Series

According to, The show will start on NTV on 23 January 2023.


Yuta Kishi – Kotaro Yukii
Hidaka Ukisho – Ten Kinomiya

According to BL Special Report Yuta Kishi to Star in Sukisuki Wanwan

It has been announced that King & Prince cutie Yuta Kishi will be in the upcoming BL series Sukisuki Wanwan!

The show will start on NTV in January 2023.

A supernatural show with an idol that’s written under the name Johnny & Associates!! Sign me up! I will definitely keep watching this series!

Yuta Kishi from King and Prince Falls for His Reborn Dog in Sukisuki Wanwan

The Japanese TV show “Sukisuki Wanwan!” will start in January. Yuta Kishi from King & Prince plays the lead role in the drama.

Yuta plays Yukii Kotaro in “Sukisuki Wanwan!,” a man who quit his job to do nothing with his life. One day, he meets Kinomiya Ten, who is played by Hidaka Ukisho from Bishonen.

Sukisuki Wanwan Series Release Date

On his 20th birthday, Ten found out that in his last life, he had been Kotaro’s pet dog with the same name. During the drama, the old pet and its former owner fall in love again.

Yuta, who is happy to be the main character for the first time, says that Kotaro is a bum who slowly grows up because of his reincarnated dog. In this drama, Hidaka wants to show people a new side of himself.

Final Words

Yuta Kishi from King & Prince will play Yukii Kotaro in “Sukisuki Wanwan!”. The show will start on NTV on 23 January 2023. Ten Kinomiya, played by Hidaka Ukisho, is the reincarnated dog of Kotaro Yuki.

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