Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Highlights

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Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Highlights and Recap: One Night Stand Leads to Job Offer and Conflicts!


Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Highlights and Recap: At the beginning of the Netflix series Moonlight Chicken Episode 1, a news station talks about Pattaya’s high standard of living. Because of the recession, most restaurant owners have raised their prices, but some, like the Hainanese Chicken Rice diner, know that their customers can’t afford it either.

Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Highlights

  • The first episode of Moonlight Chicken is set in Pattaya, where most restaurants have raised their prices because of the recession, but the Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant knows that their customers can’t afford it.
  • The reporter talks to Jim, the owner of the diner. Jim is famous for his Midnight Chicken Rice, which he serves all night long as much as customers want.
  • Jim thinks about the man the next day, while the man finds a note at home and thinks about the night they spent together.
  • The man, Wen, sees Jim’s interview and decides to drink by a bridge and watch the moon instead.
  • Jim finds Wen’s ID card, which gets them called to the Supochs, where they fight with the parents over a broken bottle.
  • Wen’s one-night stand is revealed, and a friend asks him to go to Jim’s diner, but he decides not to.

Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Recap

A Night Out with the Midnight Chicken Rice Man

People who go out at night often order Moonlight Chicken, also called Midnight Chicken Rice. The reporter talks to Jim, the owner, about how he keeps his customers happy by giving them as much food as they want after midnight. After the interview, Jim (Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri) is seen taking care of everything, from handling checks that Li Ming messes up to paying the staff, paying the rent, and closing up after everyone leaves.

Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Highlights

He wakes up a drunk customer who has passed out one night. He waits for his friend to pick him up with the mysterious customer. They talk about nothing important, and the customer tells him to finish up and go. Jim offers to drive him to the main street because it is not safe for him to walk there. The customer buys a beer from him, but Jim can only afford to drink one beer can.

As they drink, they walk down the street and buy mooncakes from a street vendor who thinks they are a couple. They keep walking and hug each other when they run into each other. Jim finally takes him to the main street, but when he gets there, he sees that the man has passed out and that his friend is nowhere to be found. He brings him home, where the man walks into Li Ming’s room by accident and asks if he is Jim’s son.

The Aftermath of a Midnight Encounter

Jim shows him to his room and tells him that Li Ming is his nephew. He also says that he is into men and doesn’t have a wife. When he realizes what he said, he tries to leave, but the other person stops him. He says he’s not drunk and starts to move. Jim tells him not to make things too complicated because it will only be for one night. The man says he isn’t sure, but they sleep together anyway.

The next morning, the man doesn’t leave right away. Instead, he plays with Jimbo, Jim’s cat. He looks around the living room and thinks it’s funny that Jim still watches DVDs. When they get to the main street, Jim leaves quickly. He goes to the market, where he sees Gaipa and his mother selling chicken.

She tells him that prices are skyrocketing and offers Gaipa to help him out for free. On the other hand, Gaipa gives Jim some mooncakes for free because they bought more than they needed for the Moon Festival. Gaipa gives him the “heart eyes” while Jim can’t stop thinking about the strange man.

Jim sees the strange man as he walks to a restaurant. During dinner, the man makes fun of Jim’s age but then says that he likes older men, which makes Jim blush. The man pays and says it’s for Jim’s work from last night. This makes Jim confused, but he smiles anyway.

A Tale of Lost Love and Second Chances

The man goes home, where he finds a note. He thinks instead about the night he spent with Jim. Jim can’t stop thinking about him at the diner, while Leng complains about how much beer costs. Leng is scared when Jim tells him that he needs to bring food to Senior Sergeant Major Supoch. He tells them he owes them money from the lottery, and Jim tells him not to mess with them. Jim is upset that Li Ming wants to deliver because he doesn’t have a license.

Moonlight Chicken Episode 1 Highlights

Li Ming goes anyway and tells a boy at the house that he is there. When he doesn’t look at him or answer, Li Ming touches his hand to give him the delivery, but the boy is startled and drops a glass bottle, which breaks. The boy is angry and uses sign language to talk to Li Ming. When Li Ming gets upset, he drops the food and runs away.

The next day, he runs into Leng and asks him if Supoch’s son is hard of hearing. It turns out, Heart, that the son lost his hearing because of a disease a few years ago and hasn’t gone to school since then. Leng also lets him know that Heart can’t go anywhere.

Wen, the mystery man is watching Jim’s interview at the gym. Gong, one of his friends, stops by and asks how his night went. Gong also says that someone named Alan wants to know about him, but Wen tells him not to answer. Wen finally tells Gong that he had a one-night stand, and his friend tells him that it’s okay as long as it was only for one night. He also tells him that he shouldn’t show too much love or bond with her, because that would make things harder.

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One-Night Stand Leads to Job Offer and Conflicts

Even though they talked, Wen asked him to go to Jim’s diner, but he said no. Wen is about to go home when he changes his mind and decides to drink by a bridge and watch the moon instead. Jim is cleaning up at the diner when he finds Wen’s ID card, which he must have dropped.

He and Li Ming are then called to the Supochs, where the mom says that Li Ming was playing with a liquor bottle and dropped it when Heart came in. Li Ming is angry that Heart lied, and he fights with the parents about it. Jim takes him outside and tells him that it was Heart who was drinking and dropped the bottle. Jim agrees with him but says there’s no way out because Officer Supoch is strong.

Jim goes back inside by himself, and his parents tell him that they can share the price of the broken bottle. Officer Supoch asks for 7,000 baht, and Li Ming comes in and says he will work for them to pay it back. Jim puts up an ad for a new wait staff because Li Ming is leaving the diner.

Wen runs in and says he wants a beer. Jim asks Wen why he just comes to his diner to drink, and he says it’s because he wants to drink with a friend. Jim gives him back his ID and tells him they should stop. Wen instead gives him a job offer. He gives him a job, but there are some rules, such as no one-night stands.

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