Wonderful Precure Season 2 Release Date


Wonderful Precure Season 2 Release Date: When is It Coming Out?

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“Wonderful Precure,” the enchanting magical girl anime series that captured the hearts of viewers with its colorful characters and whimsical adventures, has left fans eagerly awaiting news of its return for a second season. As enthusiasts of the series eagerly anticipate the continuation of the magical journey, the question on everyone’s mind is: When will Wonderful Precure Season 2 be released?

In this article, we explore the excitement surrounding the potential release date for the highly anticipated second season.

When Will Wonderful Precure Season 2 Be Released?

Wonderful Precure! Season 2 has no set release date, but it could be announced in the future. As of February 2024, Wonderful Precure! has not been renewed for a second season.

The series is presently airing, and Toei Animation, the animation company behind it, will most likely evaluate how it performs with the public before deciding on its future.

Wonderful Precure Season 2 Release Date

As previously stated, Wonderful Precure! is an original anime. The series has been adapted into a manga, which will be published in March 2024.

Wonderful Precure! is the 21st entry in the popular media franchise Pretty Cure. If the first season of Wonderful Precure! is a success, Season 2 will most likely happen.

Wonderful Precure Season 2 Expected Cast

One of the key elements that fans eagerly anticipate in the new season is the return of their favorite magical girls, the Precures. Characters such as Cure Miracle, Cure Magical, Cure Felice, and others have become beloved figures in the hearts of fans.

Given the continuity in many magical girl anime series, it’s likely that the core members of the Precure team will reprise their roles in Wonderful Precure Season 2.

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The voice cast includes Maria Naganawa as Komugi Inukai/Cure Wonderful, Atsumi Tanezaki as Iroha Inukai/Cure Friendy, Satsumi Matsuda as Yuki Nekoyashiki/Cure Nyammy, Reina Ueda as Mayu Nekoyashiki/Cure Lillian, and others.

Wonderful Precure Story Details

After the mystical realm of Niko Garden is assaulted, its animal inhabitants become corrupted and transformed into eggs. On Earth, in Animal Town, where humans and animals coexist, middle school student Iroha Inukai is walking her favorite dog Komugi when one of the eggs hatches into a monster known as a Garugaru and starts rampaging.

Wonderful Precure Season 2 Release Date

Komugi’s desire to protect Iroha drives her to become human and evolve into a Pretty Cure. She purifies the Garugaru and restores it to its original form, a Niko animal called Mey Mey.

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He informs her and Iroha about what happened to the Niko Garden and how they must purify the Garugaru to restore normalcy. Komugi works alongside Iroha and the other Pretty Cures to save the Garugaru and keep everyone safe from them.[

Is there any Trailer for Wonderful Precure Season 2?

As fans eagerly anticipate the return of the enchanting world of “Wonderful Precure” with its second season, the hunt for a tantalizing glimpse into the upcoming adventures is on. There is no trailer for season 2 yet but it will be released soon. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 1 below:


The magic of the first season has enchanted viewers, who are eagerly awaiting “Wonderful Precure” Season 2. The Precure franchise has a rich history of delivering engaging and uplifting content, and the prospect of a new season only adds to the excitement.

As fans await official announcements, the enchanting world of Precure continues to capture hearts, promising another season filled with magical transformations, epic battles, and the enduring power of friendship. Until the release date is unveiled, the countdown to the return of “Wonderful Precure” remains a magical journey for fans around the world.

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