Vagabond Anime Release Date, Studio and Where to Watch


Vagabond Anime Release Date, Studio and Where to Watch


Takehiko Inoue, a renowned manga artist, is greatly recognized in the animation business. His basketball-themed manga from the 1990s, Slam Dunk, has been hailed as an all-time classic that paved the way for future sports anime adaptations. Similarly, Vagabond is another highly regarded manga series by Inoue that has been published for more than two decades.

Incredibly, there is no Vagabond anime despite the fact that its manga is regarded by millions as a masterpiece. The advent of an anime adaptation of Inoue’s imaginary viewpoint on the famed Japanese warrior Musashi Miyamoto has not been announced, but here’s all you need to know about its potential arrival.

Vagabond Anime Release Date

The development status of the Vagabond anime has not been verified, thus there is no release date to anticipate. On the positive side, the animation business is a world where everything is possible, and we’re confident that the Vagabond anime will screen sometime, perhaps in 2024.

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Surprisingly, there is a straightforward reason why an adaptation has not yet occurred. Because the manga’s panels are so intricately hand-drawn, some think it is difficult to adapt them into an anime without sacrificing quality. However, with the recent advancements in animation quality, this may soon no longer be an issue.

About Vagabond Anime

In the aftermath of a great Japanese civil war, two warriors from the losing side, Takez Shinmen (Musashi Miyamoto) and Matahachi Hon’iden choose to live very different lives. Takez Shinmen (Musashi Miyamoto) chooses to live a quiet life, while Matahachi Hon’iden decides to become a vagabond and challenge seemingly unbeatable opponents.

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The rogue in question, Takez, begins to earn a reputation owing to the brutality with which he defeats his opponents. A monk inspires him to reevaluate his life goals during a brief stint in jail when he is kidnapped on false charges shortly after returning to his hometown.

The Vagabond manga consists of more than 36 volumes with a staggering 325+ chapters. Because each chapter is created with such care, the manga’s art is virtually in a class by itself.

Which Studio is responsible for creating the Vagabond anime?

Selecting a studio capable of animating Vagabond is challenging. Given how legendary the manga’s artwork is, the anime will not be able to do honor to Takehiko Inoue’s historical epic unless a studio with sufficient manpower and a substantial budget backs it.

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Currently, no studio has confirmed it is developing the Vagabond anime. Considering the difficulties, Ufotable (Demon Slayer) or Studio MAPPA (Jujutsu Kaisen), or possibly both, would be the best choice to kickstart the project.

Where to Watch The Vagabond Anime

There are a few possible airing locations for the Vagabond anime. Netflix is one possibility, but we believe it would not be the greatest option given the service’s past record of taking shortcuts when adapting anime.

While their video game adaptations, such as Arcane, are lauded, the production level of their anime originals, like Record of Ragnarok, was not well received by fans.

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What might work for Inoue’s manga would be a third-party production by a reputable company, such as Wit or MAPPA, followed by a possible airing on Crunchyroll.

We can also be certain that Inoue had at least one or two offers from firms interested in adapting Vagabond into an anime, but he is selective when it comes to his works, which is understandable given the delicate nature of the graphic style.

There is no shortage of captivating plot moments in the manga, so with any luck, the panels will soon be able to see mainstream fame.

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