Undead Unluck Chapter 163 Release Date


Undead Unluck Chapter 163 Release Date: What Will Happen Next?

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Undead Unluck Chapter 163 Release Date: The characters of Undead Unluck live in a world inhabited by beings with extraordinary powers known as Negataors. The name comes from the fact that any power has the inherent capacity to counteract any other power. Our heroes, Fuuko Izumo and Andy, both have talents that are bad luck and the undead. Anyone who crosses paths with Fuuko will have their good fortune nullified, making them more vulnerable to calamity. Andy has the power to defeat death in his instance.

It’s a power not unlike what Deadpool or Wolverine have. He has the ability to rapidly and precisely regulate his own regeneration. He can regrow severed limbs at a rate that puts the Uppermoons of the Kibutsuji Muzan to shame. The Anti-Unidentified Phenomena Control Organization, often known as “The Union,” is on the hunt for him.

They are a group of ten extremely potent Negators who track down, capture, and eliminate Negators and UMAs that threaten humanity. Shen helped Fuuko and Andy, two Union members, murder two other Union members and take their places, effectively fixing the Union from within.

Undead Unluck Chapter 163 Release Date

The release date of Undead Unluck Chapter 163 is set for Sunday, June 18th, for most readers throughout the world. However, the Japanese audience will have to wait until Monday, June 19 at 12 am JST to read the next chapter. The release time and date will consequently shift across time zones.

Undead Unluck Chapter 163 Release Date

The following times are scheduled for the global release of Undead Unluck chapter 163:

Time Zone Time Date
Pacific Standard Time 7 am Sunday, June 18
Central Standard Time 9 am Sunday, June 18
Eastern Standard Time 10 am Sunday, June 18
British Standard Time 3 pm Sunday, June 18
Central European Time 4 pm Sunday, June 18
Indian Standard Time 8:30 pm Sunday, June 18
Philippine Standard Time 11 pm Sunday, June 18
Australia Central Standard Time 12:30 am Monday, June 19


If you can’t wait for the premiere of Undead Unluck 163, there are many other shows in a similar vein to hold you through. These shows include Dandadan Chapter 111, Pearl Boy Chapter 79, and more.

Undead Unluck Chapter 162 Recap

Undead Unluck 162 began with a flashback of Mei saying that her brother Shen intended to attack Feng. The chapter was titled Master Be, Respect Me. She begged Fuuko to join Tenraisai with her so they could defeat her brother.

Fuuko made a huge mistake by accidentally telling Feng who she was as soon as she arrived at the event. Feng saw this and immediately attempted to fight her. But Shen came to the rescue and put an end to the brawl.

Feng was intent on continuing the fight, so he pulled out his Zuishin Tekkan Rod. But Fuuko and Shen were able to stop it. Feng had to rethink his plans and wait until the tournament was over when Fuuko’s companions showed up to provide backup.

What Will Happen in Undead Unluck Chapter 163?

The Tenraisai is set to commence in Undead Unluck chapter 163. In the past, only the groundwork had been laid. The tournament itself may therefore kick off in earnest in the next chapter.

Undead Unluck Chapter 163 Release Date

As the last chapter came to a close, Fuuko made a proclamation. She advised Feng that his top pupil, Shen, would end up being the one to beat him. So, Fuuko’s strategy for the tournament was to fortify Shen. But readers will have to wait for the next episode of the manga to find out how Fukko does it.

Where Can I Read Chapter 163 of Undead Unluck to Read in English?

You can find the raw version of Chapter 163 of Undead Unluck on Shonen Jump Plus, while the English translation can be found on Manga Plus. Manga Plus offers a free English translation of the manga for your reading pleasure. Raw scans, on the other hand, will cost you money before you can read them.


The characters of Undead Unluck live in a world inhabited by Negataors, with Fuuko Izumo and Andy having talents that are bad luck and the undead. Shen helped Fuuko and Andy murder two Union members and take their places, effectively fixing the Union from within. Fuuko’s strategy for the Tenraisai is to fortify Shen, but readers will have to wait for the next episode.

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