Spy X Family Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast,Time and Trailer!


SPY x FAMILY Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know


Part one of SPY x FAMILY was released at the beginning of 2022 and became an instant hit. It’s unlike anything you’ve likely seen before; it’s a bizarre blend of (literally) found-family and 1960s screwball spy comedy.

In addition, as soon as we met the strange and wonderful Forger family from SPY x FAMILY, we fell in love. The show has something for everyone, whether it’s the super spy (and super dad) instincts of Loid, the unhinged reactions of elite assassin Yor, or the adorable telepathic antics of Anya.

The first half of season one came to a close at the end of June, but the show’s distinctive aesthetics have already made it one of 2022’s breakthrough anime hits. Fortunately, viewers will not have to wait long for additional SPY x FAMILY episodes.

Here is what we know about part two of SPY x FAMILY.

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SPY x FAMILY Season 2 Release Date

TOHO, the distributor of SPY x FAMILY, announced in advance that the series would be split into two parts, or ‘cours’. The second half of the first season of SPY x FAMILY will premiere on October 1, according to the show’s official website, and a short teaser released at the end of August.

Although the streaming service has not officially confirmed it, we anticipate that all new episodes of SPY x FAMILY will be available on Crunchyroll. The second half of SPY x FAMILY will consist of 13 episodes, bringing the total to 25. 13 weeks of SPY x FAMILY episodes would place the part two finale at the end of December, depending on the exact premiere date.

Remember that the original manga is still ongoing, and that SPY x FAMILY part one only covered three of the nine volumes currently available (17 individual chapters for those keeping count). There is no reason to believe that the Forgers will say a permanent farewell at the end of part two if the second half covers a comparable amount of plot, as there will be plenty of stories left to tell.

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SPY x FAMILY Season 2 Plot

As discussed, the first half of the first season of SPY x FAMILY covered three volumes and seventeen chapters of the manga, so we anticipate that the second half will do the same. If you can’t wait to find out what happens next, there are plenty of details available.

Without giving anything away, in volumes, four through six of the manga, Anya, Loid, and Yor find themselves in all sorts of trouble.

In the second installment of SPY x FAMILY, the Forgers will become acquainted with their new family member Bond, the large white dog with mysterious powers we met in the final moments of the first installment, while Anya faces more difficult exams at her prestigious school.

WISE agent Fiona Frost is finally joining the show, which will excite fans of the original manga. Fiona, with her lavender bob and long purple duffer jacket, is the protégé of Loid Forger.

She harbors unrequited and unspoken feelings for Loid, which is unfortunate for our new favorite family, but who can blame her? We can’t wait to see what happens next, as this new development is certain to further destabilize the Forger family dynamic.

Fiona Frost was revealed for the first time in the SPY x FAMILY part 2 release date announcement. She is located on the left side of this new key art.

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SPY x FAMILY Season 2 Trailer

You can view the trailer for SPY x FAMILY part two right here. “Stop the Terrorist Bombing Attack” is the title of the first “mission” the Forgers will face, and the trailer was released shortly after the season one finale.

It features Sylvia, who we didn’t see nearly enough of in the first season, as well as the introduction of two new characters. The first is an ostensible terrorist who is up to no good, and the second is the Forgers’ new, exemplary Bond.

The adorable dog of the Forgers was teased in the first-part finale of SPY x FAMILY and is a favorite among manga fans due to its… peculiar abilities.

SPYx FAMILY can be viewed on both Crunchyroll and Netflix.

SPY x FAMILY part 2 voice cast

  • Loid Forger – Takuya Eguchi (Japanese) / Alex Organ (English)
  • Anya Forger – Atsumi Tanizaki (Japanese) / Megan Shipman (English)
  • Yor Forger – Saori Hayami (Japanese) / Natalie Van Sistine (English)
  • Emile Elman – Hana Sato (Japanese) / Macy Anne Johnson (English)
  • Yuri Briar – Kenshô Ono (Japanese) / Dallas Reid (English)
  • Sylvia Sherwood – Yūko Kaida (Japanese) / Stephanie Young (English)

SPY x FAMILY part 2 will also continue to be directed by anime legend Kazuhiro Furuhashi, whose previous works include the international blockbusters Hunter x Hunter (1999) and various iterations of Rurouni Kenshin.

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