Second Life Ranker Chapter 162 Release Date


When Will Second Life Ranker Chapter 162 Be Released? Find Out Here!

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Second Life Ranker Chapter 162 Release Date: “The Ranker Who Lives Twice” is also known as “Second Life Ranker.” The first part of Manhwa is a summary of what happened three years ago. Cha Yeon Woo’s mother, who already knew her son’s brother was sick, spent the rest of her life looking for her son’s missing brother.

Cha Yeon Woo stopped looking for his younger brother until his brother was found. When his brother was found, he was holding on to a few things. It was Cha Yeon Woo’s way of wishing him luck on his college entrance exam by giving him a pocket watch. Before it started working, the watch did not. Then Cha Yeon Woo started to listen to what his brother Cha Jung Woo wrote in his diary.

The date is October 9, 2013. Cha Jung Woo got a strange message on his phone. The email’s title was too strange for it to be spam, and all it said was whether or not he wanted to take part.

Cha Jung Woo would have ignored it normally, but the sight of his thin mother in the hospital room caught his attention. So he just said he would do it, thinking that maybe it was true. After that, he began to have strange dreams.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 162 Release Date

The world will be able to read Second Life Ranker Chapter 162 on July 6, 2023 (KST). Here are the release dates and times for different parts of the world:

Time Zone Time and Date
Indian Standard Time (IST) 09:00 PM, July 06, 2023
Central European Time (CEST) 06:30 PM, July 06, 2023
New York Time 11:00 AM, July 06, 2023
Pacific Time (PST) 08:30 AM, July 06, 2023
Eastern European Time (EEST) 06:00 PM, July 06, 2023
Philippines Standard Time (PHT) 11:30 PM, July 06, 2023
Singapore Standard Time (SST) 11:00 PM, July 06, 2023

Second Life Ranker Chapter 161: A Recap

In Second Life Ranker Chapter 161, we saw that by asking him to go climb the tower with her, Viera Dune’s greed has always been close to addiction. Jung Woo asked Viera Dune a few times why she was so obsessed, but she just smiled and didn’t answer.

And as soon as he sucked Viera Dune in with Bathroy’s vampire sword, he knew that she had finally gotten what she had longed for. He took in an empty shell when he swallowed the Viera Dune. The real Viera Dune has moved out of the bottom world and turned into Mother Earth.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 162 Release Date

Viera Dune ate the god she was meant to serve. Dune used the finished philosopher’s stone to cut Jung Woo’s heart open and use the Dragon Heart and Soul Stone.

Then Viera got an unlimited amount of power and made a copy of her own magical ego data. She was linked to Mother Earth through a channel, and as she raised her ego data, she slowly ate up Mother Earth.

Like a bug that sneaked onto a computer and ate all the hardware. So much did she want to “rise up” that she turned into a monster and ate her own master.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 162: What Should I Read?

Second Life Ranker Chapter 162 Raw will have English translations available on Tapas. The Raw or original Korean version of ‘Second Life Ranker’ Chapter 162 will be available online at the specified times on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon.

While waiting for the premiere of Second Life Ranker Chapter 162, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are Sleeping Ranker and Bad Thinking Diary.


“The Ranker Who Lives Twice” is a story about Cha Yeon Woo’s search for his missing brother, Cha Jung Woo. After his brother’s death, Cha Yeon Woo decided to participate in the event, despite his mother’s warnings. The story follows Cha Jung Woo’s quest to find his missing brother, Viera Dune, who turns into Mother Earth and consumes her.

The story is set to release on July 6, 2023, with English translations available on Tapas and the original Korean version online at specified times.

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