Pluto Season 2 release date


Pluto Season 2 Release Date: When Is It Coming Out on Netflix?

Mai K. Sosa

As the cosmos continues to captivate our imaginations, the intriguing mystery series “Pluto” left audiences yearning for more with its enigmatic storytelling and cosmic exploration.

“Pluto” emerged as a cosmic sensation, blending elements of science fiction, mystery, and suspense to create a series that delves into the unknown. The show, which initially premiered with a stellar reception, follows a group of intrepid astronauts on a perilous mission to explore the mysteries of Pluto.

With each episode unveiling new twists and turns, Season 1 left viewers with a cosmic cliffhanger that has fueled speculation and anticipation for the next installment. Fans around the globe are now eagerly anticipating news on the release date for Season 2.

In this article, we explore the latest updates, fan speculations, and the cosmic excitement surrounding the imminent return of “Pluto.”

Is Pluto Renewed for Season 2?

There are both good and bad things to say about the show’s future. Our first thought is that it doesn’t look like this show will have a second season. There’s a good reason for this, though.

No changes were made to the original sentence, as it appears to have been written by Masao Maruyama, the show’s director.

Pluto Season 2 release date

Maruyama spoke to fans at the Netflix Anime Expo about his life and work during a talk. He would show the clip, say that the movie would come out in October 2023, and talk about the TV show Pluto on the panel.

To ensure that there would only be one season, he said that the show would adapt the whole story throughout eight episodes.

Since this news came straight from the production team, it looks like the show will be over. But this also means that the first season will tell the whole story, so you can watch it all at once.

Now, fans may be upset that there won’t be a second season, but at least the whole story will be told, and Netflix won’t be able to decide what happens to the characters at will.

When Will Pluto Season 2 Be Released?

There is no date set for the release of Pluto Season 2 since the first season covers the whole book series.

Pluto’s first season has eight 57- to 71-minute shows. Season 1 was produced by Studio Genco and Tezuka Productions, and the animation was done by Studio M2. Masao Maruyama, the founder of Studio M2, told the Netflix panel at Anime Expo 2023 that season 1 would include all eight volumes of the manga series.

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There was a lot to cover in only eight episodes, which made some fans worry about how fast the show was moving. Those worries were probably put to rest when season 1 came out. It tells the whole story from the manga, but it’s done so well that reviewers and fans have mostly only good things to say about it.

Who Will Be In the Cast of Pluto Season 2?

In the absence of official updates, the fan community is abuzz with speculation and excitement. Here is the list of expected cast members for season 2:

  • Shinshū Fuji as Gesicht
  • Hiroki Yasumoto as Mont Blanc
  • Mamoru Miyano as Epsilon
  • Rikiya Koyama as Hercules
  • Koichi Yamadera as North No. 2
  • Hidenobu Kiuchi as Brando

What Will Happen in Pluto Season 2?

The thrilling sci-fi thriller Pluto takes place in a world where people and advanced robots live together. The story is about Gesicht, a robot detective who looks into a string of brutal killings involving both robots and people.

Pluto Season 2 release date

As Gesicht digs deeper into the case, he finds a complicated web of political scheming, personal grudges, and existential questions about what it means to be human and what AI is.

Aside from Gesicht, other robots like Mont Blanc, North No. 2, and Brando also play important parts. Each has its own abilities and goals. With its deep psychological questions about ethics, identity, and the fuzzy lines between humans and machines, Pluto is a thrilling story that keeps you interested.

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As we eagerly await the announcement of “Pluto” Season 2, the cosmic odyssey of the series remains a beacon of anticipation.

Is There Any Trailer for Pluto Season 2?

There is no trailer for Pluto Season 2 yet, but you can watch the Season 1 trailer right here. We’ll keep this page updated if new footage becomes available.


As we stand on the brink of a new cosmic adventure, the release date for “Pluto” Season 2 remains shrouded in mystery. Fans continue to gaze into the cosmic abyss, awaiting the moment when the creators will unveil the next chapter of this enigmatic series.

Until then, the cosmic excitement persists, and viewers can only imagine the cosmic wonders and mysteries that Season 2 of “Pluto” will bring to light.

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