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Painter In The Night Chapter 103 (Season 4) Release Date and Chapter 2 Recap


The third season of this fantastic fantasy narrative has successfully concluded. Now, supporters anticipate entering an entirely new phase of the drama. Chapter 103 of Painter In The Night is scheduled for release in the future months.

In the narrative, Yoon Seungho arrived just in time at Na-Kyum. Yet, at the conclusion of the season, he remained asleep and appeared frail. Will Na-Kyum survive the upcoming winter? Here is all the information you need about the most recent episode.

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In the next chapter of Painter In The Night, readers may expect to learn how well Na-Kyum is doing. The subsequent season will focus on his kidnapping. After the raid, Yoon will exact vengeance on every guy engaged in the abduction of his life partner.

What Will Happen Next?, Painter In The Night Chapter 103

Painter In The Night Chapter 103 (Season 4) Release Date and Chapter 2 Recap

Na-Kyum is still sick, and it is unknown whether he has the strength to endure the winter. The warriors of Lord Jang had subjected him to severe torture. And it was already too late for Yoon Seungho to save him.

So, the upcoming season of Painter In The Night Chapter 103 will begin with a health check on Na-Kyum. Supporters are uncertain as to whether or not he will succeed.

Nonetheless, there is a considerable possibility he will survive this traumatic experience. So, the following season will begin with a revenge plot.

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Yoon Seungho will spare no one who was responsible for the raid. In the fourth season, it will be intriguing to see what happens to Jinhwa and the rest of his guys.

Previous Chapter 102 Recap

The final episode of the third season of Painter In The Night began with the goons seeing that Na-Kyum had become comatose as a result of their torture.

They were all suspicious of what had occurred. Yoon Seungho suddenly emerged, murdered one of the men, and demanded that everyone leave immediately. One of the men prayed for his life to be spared.

He hoped that by betraying Lord Jang, he might avoid being slain. Seungho, however, had no intention of listening to his outburst. He moved forward and thrust a knife into the man’s chest.

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Eventually, one of the men entered the room to discover that his whole team had been eliminated. In the chapter’s closing panel, Yoon Seungho was escorting Na-Kyum out of the mess.

Painter In The Night Chapter 103 (Season 4) Release Date

Painter In The Night Chapter 103 (Season 4) Release Date and Chapter 2 Recap

The finale of the third season left fans with several unanswered questions. But, one thing is certain: the following season will return shortly. Thus, Painter In The Night Chapter 103 may return this year.

We will be sure to update you as soon as new information becomes available. Until then, the most recent chapters of the manhwa are available only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Maintain contact with The Anime Daily for further information on the subject.

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