Log Horizon Season 4 Release Date


Log Horizon Season 4 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

Mai K. Sosa

Fans of the popular anime series “Log Horizon” are gearing up for a return to the immersive world of Elder Tale as they eagerly await news about the release date for Season 4. The series, known for its intricate storyline, compelling characters, and exploration of the virtual gaming universe, has left viewers on the edge of their seats since its debut.

As the anticipation builds, let’s delve into what we know so far about the release date for “Log Horizon” Season 4.

When Will Log Horizon Season 4 Be Released?

Unfortunately, there is no official news on when Log Horizon season 4 will be released. Because there isn’t enough material, it’s unlikely that a fourth season will be released. As of today, the series has completed 13 volumes of the light novel, with only one volume left to adapt.

Log Horizon Season 4 Release Date

The production house does not have enough material to adapt for a full-fledged anime season because Volume 14, titled Twilight Orphan, is only half-finished and there has been no update since 2018.

One may still argue that the completed chapters of Volume 14 could be used to create an OVA. However, no formal comment has been issued in this regard. Mamare Touno, the author, has also made no formal comments about the resumption of the light book.

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As a result, it’s unclear whether he intends to resume the series. If a fourth season of Log Horizon is released in the future, it will cover volumes 14 and on.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Log Horizon Season 4?

There is currently no information available regarding Log Horizon Season 4. However, the previous cast members will likely return to play the series’ famous characters. The following people could join the cast of the next season:

  • Takuma Terashima as Shiroe
  • Emiri Katou as Akatsuki
  • Tomoaki Maeno as Naotsugu
  • Jouji Nakata as Nyanta
  • Tetsuya Kakihara as Kode Rundellhous
  • Ayahi Takagaki as Henrietta
  • Daiki Yamashita as Toya
  • Eriko Matsui as Isuzu

What Will Happen in Log Horizon Season 4?

The anime’s third season was officially titled ‘Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table,’ after Volume 12 of the online novels on which it was based. The third season featured triumphant and heartbreaking stories.

Shiro, Akatsuki, and Naotsuga defeated the Eirenus Genius and liberated all the trapped adventurers in the parallel universe. Minori finally revealed her affection to Shiroe, but she was rejected.

Log Horizon Season 4 Release Date

Shiroe made it clear that he had feelings for someone else, Akatsuki. If the anime continues to follow the patterns established by its original material, season 4 will most likely be titled ‘Nightingale’s Song,’ after Volume 13 of the novel.

However, according to a Reddit post, portions of the ‘Nightingale’s Song’ were already incorporated into season 3 of the anime, such as the fight against Eirenus Genius and Minori’s confession to Shiroe.

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As a result, Season 4 may adapt Volume 14’s ‘Twilight Orphan’ for the plot and official title. Shiroe and the others journey to the Chinese servers of “Elder Tale” to save Krusty in Volume 14.

Is there a trailer for Log Horizon Season 4?

There is no trailer for Log Horizon Season 4 yet, but you can watch the Season 3 trailer right here. We’ll keep this page updated if new footage becomes available.


As fans eagerly await news about the release date for “Log Horizon” Season 4, the prospect of re-entering the virtual world of Elder Tale is enough to generate excitement. With its unique approach to the isekai genre and a dedicated fanbase, “Log Horizon” is poised to continue its success with another thrilling installment.

Stay tuned for updates, as the release date for “Log Horizon” Season 4 is expected to be revealed shortly, promising a return to the captivating and immersive virtual realm that has captured the hearts of anime enthusiasts worldwide.

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