Jinx Chapter Recap: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?


Jinx Chapter Recap: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?


This comic is very popular on the internet, and everybody wants to know the recap of these comics. In this post, we will cover the recap of Jinx chapters 10, 11, and 12.

Jinx Chapters 10 Chapter Recap

Jinx Chapter Recap: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

In chapter 10, Jaekyung learns about Dan’s circumstances and the reason he took offered employment. He will learn about Dan’s grandmother’s illness, the loan sharks following him, and his prior failure to obtain employment. But because Jaekyung is essentially selfish, he may exploit Dan’s shortcomings further.

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All that Jaekyung wants is to have his way with Dan, but we never know what twists this manhwa will throw our way. Perhaps, out of pity for Dan, Jaekyung will go it easy on him. Regarding the therapist, he has another evening with Jaekyung to consider.

Jinx Chapters 11 Chapter Recap

Jaekyun learns about Kim’s poverty in chapter 11 as he drags an intoxicated Kim to his miserable refuge (Joo’s words). Chapter 11 begins with Kim on a bus, staring at his phone and contemplating the $14,000 he would earn from Jaekyun’s MFC championship battle.

Jinx Chapter Recap: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

Paying back the money with interest and his grandmother’s medical expenditures flash before his eyes. On his way home, he receives a phone call from the redevelopment association advising him to clear out his flat or face legal proceedings.

Now, Kim is heartbroken since he promised his grandmother that he would bring her back to her childhood house. Recently, he received his first paycheck from Jaekyun, which has already been deposited. He recalls the occasion with his grandmother.

Suddenly, he is confronted by loan sharks who inquire about his frequent absence, to which he responds that he has already paid the current month’s interest and would pay the balance shortly. They inquire as to what type of employment he is currently performing that did not pay well in the past.

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Kim asserts that all of this money is legitimate and not the result of money laundering. However, they surpassed him as their signature. What’s left? The next day, he arrives at the gym with his left eye bandaged because it was injured the night before. Jaekyun, who is acknowledged by everyone but himself, takes a rest after exercising.

Now Kim must find the confidence to request advance payment, which he achieves by gathering his wits. It is disagreeable to Jaekyun. Kim explains his present residence dilemma and accepts the condition of doing whatever he without restriction.

Jinx Chapters 12 Recap

Jinx Chapter Recap: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

Even though Jakehyung has witnessed the type of life Dan has endured, Chapter 12 of Jinx demonstrates that Dan has little hope. When Jaekhyung visited Dan’s residence, it began to appear like everything will be well.

He was astounded at the deplorable condition of the neighborhood he resided in and the hostile environment surrounding him. Then, for the first time, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter showed Dan mercy and took him home. However, he did so due to Dan’s protectiveness toward him.

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After being knocked out by excessive drinking, Dan had no recollection of the encounter or what transpired. When he regained consciousness, he was on Jaekhyung’s bed, but his lower back was pain-free.

He was somewhat relieved until he realized what a beast his boss could be, at which point he stormed out of his workplace. This was the only time we witnessed Jaekhyung respond calmly to a problem, indicating that he possessed some compassion.

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