Jinx Chapter 17 Release Date, Time, Spoiler and Recap


Jinx Chapter 17 Release Date, Spoiler and Where to Read?


Jaekyung will take on the role of hero for the first time in Chapter 17 of Jinx, leading to significant plot development. Kim Dan has the worst of luck, and it is not simply his history; as the tale progresses, we realize how.

The situation starts to improve for him but then takes an unforeseen turn for the worst. In addition, he was believed to be the protagonist who would eliminate Jaekyung, but the opposite occurred, and his head was a jumble.

This is hardly unexpected given that Kim Dan has no true relationships outside of his grandma; he is a solitary individual with significant obligations.

Unfortunately for him, there have been many who have taken advantage of his situation. Others have used intimidation to obtain money from him in relation to his condition.

They were aware of his difficulties and exploited them to extract money from him, but they had remained silent for some time. We last saw them when Kim Dan was thrashed by them before passing out on Jaekyung.

Jinx Chapter 17 Release Date

Jinx Chapter 17 Release Date 

According to previous release date gaps, we think the release date of Jinx Chapter 17 is March 23, 2023.

Where to Read Jinx Chapter 17?

The seventeenth chapter of Jinx will be released on Lezhin Comics. For a similar series, see I Want to Be Praised by a Female Gamer. Instead, you will like Reaper Of The Drifting Moon.

Jinx Chapter 17 Spoiler

After so many chapters, the bullies of Jaekyung and Kim will finally collide in Jinx Chapter 17. This moment has been anticipated for quite some time, and it has finally arrived. We eventually reached a spot where Jaekyung could learn more about Kim Dan’s life, despite several detours.

While it would be ideal for Jaekyung to develop feelings for Kim, there is still time for that to occur. His only response to what has transpired with Kim would be fury.

He is the one who hired Kim for his own purposes, so when he witnesses some goons mistreating him, he loses his temper. As a national star who is under the observation of the media, he will refrain from being too clear about it. How he handles them will be pretty fascinating.

What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

Jinx Chapter 17 Release Date, Spoiler and Where to Watch?

In Chapter 16 of Jinx, Kim Dan was prepared to leave his home since it was due to be demolished. He was seeking a house to rent until he could afford a nicer home, but the cost was prohibitive.

There were several things he had to do to distribute his expenses and ensure that everything worked well. But, this cost him a substantial amount of money, leaving him unable to pay his rent. This includes the monetary advance he received from Jaekyung.

To make matters worse, his tormentors overheard him making rental phone calls and proceeded to confront him. Jaekyung awaited Kim, who desired to accompany him to the hospital for an examination.

He was irritated that Kim reneged on his promise and questioned his coach if he had made any further calls regarding his absence.

His coach was just as confused as he was and stated that he may have something too essential, adding that Kim informed them beforehand. His coach requested him to check on him, but Jaekyung showed little interest.

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