Jinx Chapter 12 Release Date, Time, Where to Read


Jinx Chapter 12 Release Date, Time, Where to Read and Chapter 11 Review


In chapter 12 of Jinx, we will learn what Jaekyun wants to attempt with Kim now that he is completely immersed in himself owing to his recurring bad luck. If you had read the preceding chapters, you would have a complete understanding of Jaekyun.

Now, the question is whether he will take advantage of Kim’s sensitivity or assist him in fleeing his circumstances. Let us await it.

Jinx is a narrative that follows the misfortune-filled life of Kim Dan. His occupation is physical therapy. He owes so much money that loan sharks bother him every day and occasionally beat him severely for their own amusement. One day, he fills an urgent need for a physical therapist, since the previous one is no longer available.

The customer is none other than ‘Joo Jaekyun,’ the highest-paying MFC champion fighter. Kim does his duties with minimal variation and then departs, to the fighter’s satisfaction.

Jinx Chapter 12 Release Date, Time, Where to Read and Chapter 11 Review

Kim is observed working at several stores and gas stations to meet his daily needs and repay his loans. Kim is no longer employed as a therapist because the top physician at his hospital attempts to molest and abuse him.

One evening, Kim receives a direct call from Jaekyun requesting an urgent session. Later, it is revealed that Jaekyun is afflicted with a jinx or curse that prevents him from fighting to his full capacity.

Jinx Chapter 11 Release Date, Time and Where to Read

And the only way to suppress it is via pleasurable sexual activity. Kim has the same name. What occurs if he accepts the deal for a large sum?

This manga is mostly a love tale between two boys. Mingwa is the creator and author of this manga (sounds like the name of some candy or chewing gum).

Jinx Chapter 12 Release Date and Time

Jinx Chapter 12 Release Date, Time, Where to Read and Chapter 11 Review

Jinx has a program in place to release a new chapter every 10 days. Chapter 11 was released yesterday, January 22, 2023, whereas Chapter 10 was published on January 12. Chapter 12 will be accessible on February 2, 2023, according to the chapter’s consistent publication schedule.

Consequently, the release date and time in relation to various timeframes will be —

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8.00 AM (Thursday, 2 February 2023)
  • British Summer Time: 4.00 PM (Thursday, 2 February 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time: 8.30 PM (Thursday, 2 February 2023)
  • Philippines Standard Time: 11.00 PM (Thursday, 2 February 20233)
  • Korean Standard Time: 12:00 AM (Friday, 3 February 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time:12:00 AM (Friday, 3 February 2023)

Where to read Jinx Chapter 12?

On Lezhin Comic Webtoon, one may read Jinx manhwa Chapter 12 and the previous chapters. As it is a premium comic site, you will need a subscription in the form of coins for each chapter outside the first in order to get a sense of the plot and art. If you love Jinx, you should also check out BJ Alex by the same author and Love Jinx, a manhwa with similar themes.

Jinx Chapter 11 Release Date, Time and Where to Read

Jinx Chapter 11 Review

Jaekyun learns about Kim’s poverty in chapter 10 as he drags an intoxicated Kim to his miserable refuge (Joo’s words). Chapter 11 begins with Kim on a bus, staring at his phone and contemplating the $14,000 he would earn from Jaekyun’s MFC championship battle.

Jinx Chapter 12 Release Date, Time, Where to Read and Chapter 11 Review

Paying back the money with interest and his grandmother’s medical expenditures flash before his eyes. On his way home, he receives a phone call from the redevelopment association advising him to clear out his flat or face legal proceedings.

Now, Kim is heartbroken since he promised his grandmother that he would bring her back to her childhood house. Recently, he received his first paycheck from Jaekyun, which has already been deposited. He recalls the occasion with his grandmother.

Suddenly, he is confronted by loan sharks who inquire about his frequent absence, to which he responds that he has already paid the current month’s interest and would pay the balance shortly. They inquire as to what type of employment he is currently performing that did not pay well in the past.

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Kim asserts that all of this money is legitimate and not the result of money laundering. However, they surpassed him as their signature. What’s left?

The next day, he arrives at the gym with his left eye bandaged because it was injured the night before. Jaekyun, who is acknowledged by everyone but himself, takes a rest after exercising.

Now Kim must find the confidence to request advance pay, which he achieves by gathering his wits. It is disagreeable to Jaekyun. Kim explains his present residence dilemma and accepts the condition of doing whatever he without restriction. Jaekyun initially thinks it is pitiful but accepts after considering something he has in mind.

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