Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date


Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date: Cast | Plot | Trailer | Latest Updates 2023!

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“Dorohedoro,” the dark and surreal anime series that captured the hearts of viewers with its unique blend of magic, mystery, and mayhem, has left fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of a second season.

The comic artist Q Hayashida created Dorohedoro, the story of the serpent-human hybrid Caiman. A famous anime series based on the book was made 20 years later by MAPPA, the studio that made Yuri!!! on Ice, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, and other programs. Although 12 episodes were aired from January to March 2020 for the first season, the show was never picked up for a second season.

As the anticipation grows, this article explores the current status of “Dorohedoro” Season 2 and speculates on the potential release date for the next installment of this spellbinding series.

Will There Be a Dorohedoro Season 2?

The manga for Dorohedoro is now complete and has become incredibly famous. The first book came out in 2002, and the series went on until 2018. There are 23 chapters in the manga.

The manga’s first season is not even close to being over. Actually, season 1 only tells about a third of the whole story that is told in the manga parts.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date

The animation got a lot of praise from viewers after it came out on Netflix in 2020. So, even though there has been no official word about season 1, it is very likely that Dorohedoro will have a second season.

Many studios haven’t been able to release anime on time because of the pandemic, and the reason for the delay in announcing Dorohedoro season 2 could be the same thing.

When Will Dorohedoro Season 2 Be Released?

As of now, there has been no official word about whether Dorohedoro will be back for a second season. No one knows for sure when it will come out, but it’s probably going to be in the fall of 2024. The first season of Dorohedoro came out in December 2020, which means it’s been over three years since the last season.

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It looks like this will pretty much dash the fans’ dreams for a new season. But what we really need to understand is that making anime shows takes a lot of work and time, which is why there is a delay.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Dorohedoro Season 2?

We really hope that the main group comes back for Dorohedoro Season 2, because it would be fun to see them again. The expected cast is given below.

  • Wataru Takagi
  • Reina Kondou
  • Nobuo Tobita
  • Kazuhiro Yamaji
  • Ken’yû Horiuchi
  • Mayu Yoshioka
  • Aoi Yūki
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino

What Will Happen in Dorohedoro Season 2?

Without official proof, there’s no way to know what will happen in the second season. But if the show gets picked up for a second season and we get more episodes, we might expect things to pick up where they left off in the first season. So, more of the scary and dark past should be shown in the past.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date

As Caiman and Nikaido go after their goal, we can probably expect the story to have more action, bloodshed, and gore. As they look for the witch who turned Caiman into the lizard man, more secrets will be revealed in the next episodes.

Is There any Trailer for Dorohedoro Season 2?

No, not yet. The makers have not released any trailer for season 2 of Dorohedoro. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 1 below:


While the release date for “Dorohedoro” Season 2 remains shrouded in mystery, the excitement among fans continues to grow. The first season left an indelible mark with its unique blend of genres and compelling characters.

As we await official announcements, the prospect of returning to the dark and enchanting world of “Dorohedoro” is sure to captivate fans and introduce new audiences to the magic and madness that define this extraordinary anime series.

Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime, revisit the first season to relive the magic and unravel the mysteries of Hole.

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