Did Mikasa Marry Jean


Did Mikasa Marry Jean in Attack on Titan Season 4?

Mai K. Sosa

The world of anime and manga is often filled with complex relationships and romantic entanglements. Fans of the popular series “Attack on Titan” have been particularly intrigued by the romantic subplots and the potential pairings of their favorite characters.

One of the most debated topics in the “Attack on Titan” fandom is whether or not Mikasa Ackerman and Jean Kirstein ended up together in a romantic relationship. In this article, we’ll delve into this intriguing topic and explore the evidence and theories that fans have put forward.

Did Mikasa Marry Jean or Eren?

While it was never clearly stated whether Mikasa married Jean, viewers saw her cradling a baby with someone who resembled Jean standing behind her at Eren’s tomb in Attack on Titan Season 4.

This finale has proven to be somewhat controversial, generating a lot of discussion online. Many people didn’t anticipate Mikasa and Jean to fall in love after settling their battle with Eren in such a terrible and dramatic way.

Did Mikasa Marry Jean

The creators certainly left room for the viewers’ interpretation. After all, we didn’t get a close-up of Mikasa’s companion. However, because he resembled Jean, many people believe Mikasa and Jean married in the future.

In retrospect, the seeds for “Jean-kasa” were sown since Jean had a crush on her. He became envious when she was near Eren, and he became furious when he discovered how Eren had mistreated her. Mikasa’s decision to move on from Eren after his death made sense as well.

Why Did Mikasa Not Marry Eren Yeager?

Despite sharing the same feelings for each other, Eren and Mikasa were never able to express their feelings for one another. Mikasa had to kill Eren in order to save humanity.

Eren and his father took Mikasa in after saving her life. They were raised together until Eren’s parents died. They’ve fought and protected each other ever since, forming an unbreakable friendship. While their bond felt like family at times, it is undeniably romantic in retrospect.

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When Eren’s evil arc began, he hurt her by declaring that he had never loved her and had always despised her. But, in the end, he admitted to Armin his emotions for her and urged him to keep them a secret. Viewers also observed Mikasa’s feelings for Eren moments before she had to kill him to preserve humanity.

Eren and Mikasa do not get to profess their love to each other in this tragic story. But, at the very least, the viewers were given closure with the revealing of their true feelings.

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